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Choose between two profitable lease options and hit the road to success. Schneider will be right there with you.

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Reasons to be an OTR owner-operator at Schneider:

More Options

Schneider Over-the-Road owner-operators have access to two profitable lease options: Percentage or Mileage. Pick the lease agreement that helps you meet your business goals and enjoy the freedom of running your business your way.

Bigger Money

Bring home bigger settlements with our exceptional lease compensation packages. As an owner-operator on the Percentage lease, you control your revenue because you pick your freight and plan your tours. Some Schneider owner-operators average revenue of $800 to $1,000 a day.

“ With the Percentage Lease program, you can pick up heavy freight, light freight, different miles, then go home when you’re ready. If you want to go home today, pick a load for later on and go home. There’s nobody on your back. It’s the best thing ever.”
- Christopher Powell, Van Owner-Operator


As an owner-operator on the Mileage lease, you’ll enjoy the following revenue and cost savings:

Mileage Rate $0.92
Performance Premium $0.15  
Fuel Surcharge $0.352* *Formulated from DOE  
Total Mileage $1.422  
Revenue (per mile)  
Total Mileage   


Regional Premiums $0.0017
Shorthaul Premiums $0.008 
Hand Loads/Unloads $0.0005
Stop-Offs $0.002
Tolls $0.001
Detention $0.005
Other $0.006
Cost Savings (per mile)  
Maintenance $0.009
Tires $0.004
Fuel Network $0.008
  GRAND TOTAL  $ 1.467/mile

Steady Freight

Enjoy access to one of the largest freight bases in the industry. Schneider’s diverse portfolio includes more than two-thirds of America’s Fortune 500 companies. For Percentage owner-operators, that variety of freight gives you the flexibility to choose loads that fit your business needs. For Mileage owner-operators, it means we’ll match you up with freight that will maximize your revenue potential.

Better Miles

With Schneider’s freight base in your corner, you’ll never have to worry about getting enough miles. If you’re on the Mileage lease, we’ll optimize your utilization to keep you moving, racking up miles and money. If you’re on the Percentage lease, you plan your tours and have the power to maximize your profits.

Purchase Power

Take advantage of Schneider’s buying power and boost your business’ bottom line. Through the Purchase Power Program, you’ll save thousands of dollars each year on fuel, tires, maintenance, insurance and more. We also provide free American Truck Business Services (ATBS) to you during the first six months of your lease.

No truck? No problem!

Schneider Finance offers low or no money down programs to help you purchase or upgrade your rig.

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**Weekly retail on-highway diesel prices taken from DOE website.

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