Owner-Operator Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you calculate pay? Is it by the mile or percentage of load?
A. Schneider currently offers both a Van Percentage Lease and variety of mileage-based Lease Opportunities. With the Van Percentage Lease, you will receive 65% of line-haul revenue on the loads of your choice and 100% of fuel surcharge and accessorial. For mileage-based lease options, the rate per mile and number of miles will depend on the type of freight you haul and/or the Dedicated customer you haul for. Explore each opportunity to learn more about how revenue is calculated.
Q. How do Schneider owner-operators on the Van Percentage Lease choose their own loads?
A. Schneider has revolutionized the trucking industry by enabling owner-operators to pick their own freight from our industry-leading freight base — from a desktop, laptop, tablet or our new mobile app. See how it works.
Q. How often will I be paid?
A. Owner-operators receive weekly settlements, on all bills received in Green Bay by midnight (CST) on Saturday of the previous week.
Q. Is there an age requirement on my tractor?
A. Many of the requirements depend on the type of account you want to drive. For example, if you want to run van or tanker, your tractor needs to be 10 years or newer. Whereas intermodal and port dray accounts allow a tractor to be a 1996 or newer. The one exception to this rule is if you want to drive West. Then your tractor must be a 2008 or newer, so it will be CA CARB compliant. Also, all tractors need to pass DOT inspection by certified mechanics.
Q. Is PrePass available?
A. We offer PrePass at the discounted rate of $12.99/month.
Q. Do you require uniforms?
A. No, uniforms are not required, however, we ask owner-operators to remember that they are the face of our company in our customers’ eyes. We require our drivers to look neat, clean and professional.
Q. Can I get fuel at Schneider locations?
A. Yes, owner-operators leased to Schneider, using the EFS fuel card, can purchase fuel at any of the terminal fuel operating centers, Pilot, Flying J, Loves, TA and Petro. These networks offer a discounted rate, and Schneider's Operating Centers are competitive with the best available truck stop discounts.
Q. Who pays the fuel tax?
A. We track and report your fuel usage tax, but you are responsible for paying it.
Q. Do you pay tolls and scale tickets?
A. We will reimburse all authorized tolls, but do not compensate for scales.
Q. Will you cover my base plates and permits?
A. We offer discounts on base plates and permits at a discounted rate of $33/week.
Q. Do I have to drive into Canada or New York City?
A. No. There are no Canadian or NYC routes.
Q. How much will the mobile communication platform cost me?
A. There is no cost for satellite installation or business usage.
Q. Is insurance available through Schneider?
A. We require all owner-operators to carry occupational accident insurance as well as unladen/non-trucking bobtail insurance. Both can be purchased through Schneider if desired. Physical damage insurance is also available.
Q. Can I get discounts on business expenses like tires and glass?
A. Through our Purchase Power program, owner-operators can take advantage of group discounts and reduced rates on things like fuel, maintenance, tires, new and used tractors, group insurance and business support services.
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