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Reasons to be a Dedicated owner-operator at Schneider:

Steady Freight

Your business will move freight for one primary customer, meaning you can depend on predictable loads and miles. Schneider’s Dedicated freight base includes Fortune 500 companies and some of the largest retailers in the U.S. We are also regularly landing new accounts across the country, creating more Dedicated owner-operator opportunities in more areas.

Consistent Settlements

Running steady freight to one primary customer means you’ll bring home consistent weekly settlements, adding a new level of predictability to your business. You’ll also benefit from a fuel surcharge on all company-directed miles, boosting your bottom line. Schneider Dedicated solo owner-operators can gross up to $190,000 in annual revenue, and team owner-operators can gross up to $250,000 depending on account.

Dedicated Owner-Operator, Michael

“As long as I don’t do anything that makes driving the truck unsafe because of weather and road conditions, all the things Schneider has in place makes it so the challenges are really easy to handle. As long as I manage my business right, I bring home more money than the average American family.”

Home Time

Schneider Dedicated owner-operators have the advantage of being able to develop a routine. You’ll leave home about the same time each week, travel on familiar lanes at predictable times, then return home on schedule. This setup allows you run a successful business while still making plans and spending time with your family and friends.

Dedicated Owner-Operator, Andy

“One day when I was in Laredo, I told my advisor I needed to be home more, and he talked to a manager on a Dedicated account, and the rest is history. I've never looked back.”

Solid Relationships

Working with one customer gives Schneider Dedicated owner-operators an added sense of ownership and pride. Instead of dealing with dozens of people over the course of a week, you’ll work directly with the ones who have the answers and make the decisions. You’ll load and unload at familiar places and work with familiar people — allowing you to develop valuable business relationships.

Purchase Power

Take advantage of Schneider’s buying power and boost your business’ bottom line. Through the Purchase Power Program, you’ll save thousands of dollars each year on fuel, tires, maintenance, insurance and more.

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