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Team opportunities

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Reasons to be a Van owner-operator at Schneider:

Percentage Lease

There’s nothing else like it in the industry, as thousands of solo and team owner-operators have already discovered. With Schneider’s Percentage Lease, you won’t have to deal with dispatchers and brokers. All you have to do is log into Schneider’s owner-operator-exclusive freight board, pick the load(s) you want and drive. Your schedule is completely up to you.

Click here to see how easy it is to pick your freight - from a desktop, laptop tablet or our new mobile app.

Husband-Wife Van Owner-operators - The Strauer's

“As far as enjoyment of the job, [owner-operator] is the way to go, especially the Percentage Lease program. I was thinking of just running a couple more years, retiring and saying that’s it, but now since we can go where we want to go and do what we want to do, they just extended how long we plan to drive.”

Bigger Money

As a team or solo owner-operator on the Percentage Lease, you control your revenue because you pick your freight and plan your tours. Some owner-operators average revenue of $800 to $1,000 a day.

  • 65% of line-haul revenue
  • 100% fuel surcharge
  • 100% of accessorial
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Owner-operators may also qualify for revenue through quarterly performance premiums, regional premiums, short-haul premiums, hand loads/unloads, stop-offs, tolls, detention and more. Schneider also helps owner-operators save on costs through discounts on maintenance, tires and fuel.

Steady Freight

Enjoy access to one of the largest freight bases in the industry. Schneider’s diverse portfolio includes more than two-thirds of America’s Fortune 500 companies. That means you’ll have freight available wherever you want to drive. Travel the country over-the-road style, stay close to home or mix and match — it’s your call.

Christopher Powell, Van Owner-Operator

“You control your own destiny. If you can’t make any money, it’s something you’re doing wrong or you’re in a bad area. If you’re in a bad area, go through a hot spot, you’ll find some freight, then go back home. You really do control your own destiny.”

Purchase Power

Take advantage of Schneider’s buying power and boost your business’ bottom line. Through the Purchase Power Program, you’ll save thousands of dollars each year on fuel, tires, maintenance, insurance and more. We also provide free American Truck Business Services (ATBS) to you during the first six months of your lease.

No truck? No problem!

Schneider Finance offers low or no money down programs to help you purchase or upgrade your rig. We make it our business to see your business succeed.

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