Percentage Lease

Plan your tours  

Plan your tours

Run your business the way you want to.

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Freight board demo  

Freight board demo

Log in and see what loads are available, any time.

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Get started  

Get started

Run your business with the backing of Schneider.

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No dispatcher. No Agent. No Stress.

The Percentage Lease gives you total control of your business and your bottom line. You select and manage your loads; you decide when and where you want to run. Schneider’s only requirement is that you are safe and compliant at all times.

By The Numbers

  • 65% of line-haul revenue
  • 100% fuel surcharge
  • 100% of accessorial

Plan Your Tours

Your schedule is completely up to you. View loads days in advance and pre-assign the freight you want to move. You’ll have exclusive access to a large freight base that is only available to Schneider owner-operators. You can log in and see what loads are available, any time, day or night. When you decide which loads work for your business, just pick, click and go. 

“You control your own destiny. If you can’t make any money, it’s something you’re doing wrong or you’re in a bad area. If you’re in a bad area, go through a hot spot, you’ll find some freight, then go back home. You really do control your own destiny.”


Make Your Business Successful

Owner-operators on the Percentage Lease can average revenue of $800 per day, depending how hard you want to run. Some Schneider owner-operators gross up to $1,000 a day. In addition to your lease compensation, you’ll have the buying power of a very large carrier in your corner. The Schneider Purchase Power Program will save you big money on fuel, tires, maintenance, insurance and more.

The Percentage Lease is only available for solo Over-the-Road and Team owner-operators.

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**Weekly retail on-highway diesel prices taken from DOE website.
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Pick, Click and Go

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