Ride of Pride

Vet. Randy and 2014 Ride of Pride Truck

Rolling Tribute to Military Past and Present

Schneider has been selected by truck manufacturer Freightliner to receive the 12th edition of the Ride of Pride, a truck series designed to be rolling tributes to members of the United States military – past and present. The new military-themed tractor joins Schneider’s existing fleet of six Ride of Pride tractors and is captained by longtime Schneider driver and U.S. military veteran Randy Twine.

Rolling Tribute for Veterans  

Rolling Tribute for Veterans

We are proud to have seven Freightliner tractors dedicated to honoring military veterans in the Schneider fleet.

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Ride of Pride Driver  

Ride of Pride Driver

Chuck Ceccacci is the 2013 Ride of Pride Driver. He has worked at Schneider since 1997 and served in the U.S. Marines for nine years.

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Supporting Military Veterans  

Supporting Military Veterans

For 13 months the Ride of Pride Truck will attend various veteran functions, parades and other military functions to help show our support.

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History of the Ride of Pride

The Ride of Pride program originated in 2001, when Ed Keeter, a shift manager and U.S. veteran at Freightliner’s manufacturing plant in Cleveland, NC, proposed the project as a way to honor military veterans. Initially the idea was to decorate a Freightliner truck and drive it to the local veterans’ hospital for a visit. However, Freightliner's employees embraced the idea wholeheartedly that it quickly became part of a national effort and includes participating in the annual Ride for Freedom, a procession through Washington, D.C. each Memorial Day.

“Schneider has shown great commitment to the U.S. military since its very beginning. Through the years, Schneider has developed a number of programs for military personnel and has been recognized as a national leader in supporting the military. Freightliner is proud to share this special vehicle with a carrier that feels as strongly about those who serve as we do.”

Mike McCurry, Freightliner Cleveland, N.C., plant manager

After the first year’s overwhelming success, Freightliner began awarding a military-themed Ride of Pride truck each year to a trucking company. Because of Schneider’s ongoing commitment to the military, Freightliner has awarded a record seven Ride of Pride trucks to its fleet.

Ride of Pride Fleet

Schneider has a fleet of seven Ride of Pride tractors, including the only Canadian military-themed unit ever produced.


2014 Ride of Pride TruckThe 2014 Schneider Ride of Pride truck, a Freightliner Cascadia™, is decaled with historical images representing all U.S. conflicts since World War II. It also showcases Arlington cemetery and the digital camouflage military uniform. The newest Ride of Pride is the only one in Schneider’s fleet to include logo decals of the Guard and Reserve segments of each branch alongside the logos for the active branches.


Randy Twine of Clarksville, Tenn., has been selected as the driver of the 2014 Ride of Pride. Twine served more than 12 years with the U.S. Army before transitioning to the Army National Guard in 1992. He switched to the Air Force National Guard in 1999, from which he retired in 2006. Twine has a rich deployment history, including Panama, Saudi Arabia and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has been a professional driver for Schneider since 1993, most recently working for the company’s Van Truckload division as an over-the-road driver.


“My heart skipped a beat when I found out that I had been chosen to drive the new Ride of Pride. This is just such an honor because the truck means so much to everybody and represents the countless individuals who have done so much to keep us all free.” – Randy Twine


2013 Ride of Pride TruckThe 2013 Schneider Ride of Pride truck, a Freightliner Cascadia™, has a fully customized patriotic decal scheme, including the American flag, the Bald Eagle, military camouflage, the POW/MIA logo and the words “Those who serve deserve honor, respect, thanks” prominently displayed on the orange Schneider cab.


The 2012 Ride of Pride is the 10th edition, Rolling Thunder, “Ride of Pride” Cascadia tractor. The truck is decaled with designs that honor Veterans, POW-MIA and other service members of the United States military – past and present.

Employees of Freightliner who built the Ride of Pride also designed the custom graphics that adorn the tractor. With the American flag as a backdrop, a large bald eagle looks menacingly from the tractor’s side; the words “Home of the Free, Because of the Brave” written large around it. More graphics adorn the hood and the airfoil over the cab. The POW-MIA flag symbol is prominent, as is the Wounded Warrior logo on the side fairing. The words “honoring all who have served” are displayed on the side fairing as well.

The Cascadia is equipped with a Detroit® DD-15 diesel engine and the Meritor “OnGuard” Collision Safety System that warns the driver when the tractor is too close to the vehicle in front and takes collision avoidance measures, including reducing throttle, activating the engine brake and applying the vehicle brakes if the driver doesn’t respond in time.


As the United States marked the tenth anniversary of 9/11, Schneider was deeply honored to be selected as the recipient of a Ride of Pride truck. The one-of-a-kind Freightliner Cascadia is fully customized with symbols of America and the armed forces decaled on the orange Schneider cab. As with all Ride of Pride trucks, the 2011 model was designed by employees of Freightliner’s manufacturing plant to show support for active duty personnel, retirees, families who have lost someone in service to the country, prisoners of war and those still missing in action.

The addition of the 2011 U.S. Ride of Pride to our fleet motivated Schneider’s Canadian associates to work for a Ride of Pride that salutes Canada’s Armed Forces. With Freightliner’s help, the first-ever Canadian Ride of Pride was born. The one-of-a-kind Freightliner Cascadia is fully customized with symbols of Canada’s armed forces decaled on the orange Schneider cab. It was designed to show support for active duty personnel, retirees and families who have lost someone in service to the country. The words “Lest We Forget” and “We Support Our Troops” are written in English and French respectively, recognizing the two official languages of Canada.


The 2008 Ride of Pride truck is a one-of-a-kind Freightliner Cascadia, fully customized with symbols of the United States and the U.S. armed forces decaled on the orange Schneider cab. The truck was designed by employees at Freightliner’s manufacturing plant, just like the six Ride of Pride versions before it.


The Ride of Pride VI is a Freightliner Cascadia, a truck model launched in May 2007. The design features images of a bald eagle, an American flag, a POW-MIA logo and military campaign ribbons from World War I to the Global War on Terror.

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