Dan Schmidt

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Dan Schmidt is the Manager of Connected Vehicle Technology. He has held many roles related to mobile communication and trailer tracking during his 16-year tenure at Schneider. He grew up in a truck driving family, and his father was an Over-the-Road driver. In his free time, Dan enjoys volunteering and coaching.

Recent Blog Posts By Dan Schmidt

Find an Empty Trailer, Schneider's Newest Driver Mobile App Feature

By Dan Schmidt May 12, 2016
Finding an empty trailer in expansive trailer lots can be like searching for a needle in a haystack — frustrating and a huge waste of time. We say, "NO MORE!"

Best Trucker Apps: Schneider’s Custom ‘CrossRoads’ Mobile App

By Dan Schmidt Dec 2, 2015
Drivers rely on mobile devices and trucker apps. We’ve developed the CrossRoads mobile app to make Schneider drivers’ lives easier and respect their time.