One Road to an Exciting Career in Diesel Technology Management

By JR Rodriguez Jul 27, 2015
 JR Rodriguez and Schneider Truck

I have had an interesting journey with Schneider since starting my career here 15 years ago. Prior to coming to Schneider my only mechanic experience was changing tires in a local tire shop. Little did I know that my career with Schneider would lead me from changing tires, through six states and to a Shop Manager position in only 11 years.

My Story:

I started my career with Schneider in 2000 working as a mechanic assistant with virtually no prior maintenance experience. My first role was in Harrisburg, PA. Schneider took the time and the resources to invest in my company-paid training and I was happy to grow in the role over the next four years.

My next position brought me to Delaware working as a mechanic on one of Schneider’s Dedicated accounts. While there, I worked one-on-one with the onsite account manager ensuring that all of our customer’s mechanic needs were being met.

The next stop on my journey was Gary, IN. In Gary, I worked at the shop located at our Operating Center. While there I had the opportunity to participate in Schneider’s Leader Training Program and I eventually became a lead mechanic.

In 2008, I moved to Memphis and was promoted to Floor Leader. After only three months I had the opportunity to be promoted again and took the role as a Shop Supervisor in Reserve, LA. I stayed in Reserve for a little more than three years continuing to expand my skills and knowledge.

In October 2011, I made the move that brought me to my current role in Dallas, TX. I was promoted again to Shop Manager for Schneider’s Dallas shop.

I am grateful for the influential people I have worked with while at Schneider, specifically, Dan Kintzer and John Zella who took me under their wing. I continue to enjoy my journey at Schneider and am quick to share my career path story with all of my new hires. I want them to know that Schneider is committed to providing the resources to get them to where they want to go, but that they have to provide the desire to get there.

Have you searched Schneider’s diesel technology/mechanic career opportunities near you? Do you have any questions about starting a career with Schneider?

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JR Rodriguez has been with Schneider for 15 years. Prior to joining Schneider, he worked in a tire shop at a truck company in Carlisle, PA. He has gone from his first role as a mechanic assistant, with no prior mechanical training, to a Shop Manager leading 57 associates.

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