Diesel Technician

18 must-have diesel mechanic tools

By Seth Heiss Jan 21, 2019

We have a full list of must-have diesel mechanic tools and a few other pieces of advice for mechanics just starting out.

A closer look at Schneider's tire program, training for technicians

By Seth Heiss Dec 18, 2018

All Schneider diesel technicians are trained to make the correct decision when inspecting tires on a unit. Here's how and what a new mechanic can expect.

2 Houston shops provide more diesel technician jobs, vital service

By Seth Heiss Sep 27, 2018

Schneider features two shop locations in Houston offering top-notch diesel technician careers. Learn more about our Houston maintenance facilities and team.

Schneider improves technician job search website experience

By Sarah Campillo Aug 31, 2018

Considering a career as a diesel technician? Schneider's redesigned website now makes your career research even easier.

Dallas shop offers unique culture, diesel technician jobs in Texas

By Seth Heiss Jul 5, 2018

Schneider has many shop locations around the country and each shop has a unique atmosphere. Learn why we are highlighting our diesel technician shop in Dallas, TX.

What a Schneider diesel technician should expect in the first 90 days

By Seth Heiss May 8, 2018

It's important to know what to expect when you start your new career as a diesel technician with Schneider. Here's a detailed breakdown of what your first few weeks and months will look like.

Video: Becoming a tractor technician senior for Schneider

By Seth Heiss Jan 22, 2018

Watch as one of Schneider's senior diesel technician describes the job and the benefits of working at Schneider.

Video: Becoming a Diesel Technician for Schneider

By Seth Heiss Jan 5, 2018

Watch as one of Schneider's diesel technician describes the job and the benefits of working at Schneider.

New Diesel Technician Job Opportunities at Expanded Shrewsbury Facility

By Seth Heiss Dec 4, 2017

In just three years, Schneider's Shrewsbury shop has expanded from two to 12 technicians, and opportunities continue to expand

Diesel technician career path highlight: From truck driver to maintenance team leader

By John McMurry Nov 17, 2017

Not all diesel technician career paths are the same. Just ask John McMurry, who moved from driving in a truck to working on a truck.

Outside the Shop: Exploring Service Truck and Field Service Technician Positions at Schneider

By Jeremy Gannon Oct 3, 2017

If you want to be a diesel technician, but not be stuck in the shop every day, Schneider's service truck or field service opportunities may be right for you.

Meet Seth Heiss, Schneider's New Recruiter for Diesel Service Technicians and Mechanics

By Seth Heiss Sep 5, 2017

Diesel technicians are in demand, and Schneider has a recruiter dedicated to helping aspiring technicians. Be inspired by his story and learn more.