Cooking in a semi-truck: “Herbs with Herb” episodes 2, 3

By The Schneider Guy May 20, 2019

In November, we launched our first episode of “Herbs with Herb,” a video series where Schneider’s Curriculum Development Specialist and one-million-mile driver, Herb Moring, cooks different meals in a semi-truck.

We know how it can be expensive and unhealthy to constantly eat at truck stops, and that’s why we’re continuing to create new videos about cooking in a semi-truck so drivers are inspired to give it a try themselves.

Cooking in a semi-truck: Herbs with Herb [Ep. 2] Corned beef and cabbage

This St. Patrick’s Day-inspired meal is simple to make and can cook while you’re driving down the road. The aroma of the meat while its cooking will motivate you to get the job done so you can enjoy a hearty meal for dinner.

Cooking in a semi-truck: Herbs with Herb [Ep. 3] Chicken Fajitas

Chicken fajitas can be personalized to fit your taste and take very little time to cook. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo any time of year by making this healthy Mexican dish in your semi-truck.

Need more cooking tips before you get started?

Check out our top tools and pro tips for cooking in a semi truck. We’ll even walk you through an example of how to cook in a truck.

How to save money, eat well on the road

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