How to Prepare for the 2017 CVSA Roadcheck

By The Schneider Guy Jun 1, 2017
2017 CVSA Roadcheck

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) 30th annual International Roadcheck is happening this year from June 6–8. The 2017 CVSA Roadcheck is geared toward commercial vehicles in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Each year’s inspection has a different focus; the 2017 spotlight is on cargo securement safety.

During the Roadcheck, inspectors perform a 37-step inspection on trucks and their drivers. Drivers will be required to provide their commercial driver’s license and motor carrier registration, and inspectors will ensure that they’re using their seat belts. Inspectors check different parts of the vehicle, including the brake system, fuel and exhaust systems, suspension and windshield wipers to confirm they are in working order.

Drivers should review the 2017 Roadcheck checklist before and during their pre-trip inspections. Be sure your truck meets CVSA’s requirements!

To ensure that your cargo is properly secured, brush up on these best practices for load securement:

  1. Safe and secure strapping: Avoid delays and potential fines by properly securing cargo. It’s the law!
  2. Disposable Inflatable Dunnage (DID) air bags between crates: Use bags to fill in gaps less than 12 inches to protect your freight from movement.
  3. Wood blocking and bracing: Use 16d or larger nails, nailed 1 inch into the floor to brace cargo with wooden boards.
  4. Door bracing: Make sure lading is tight across the length and width of the trailer and secured at the rear of the load with straps.
  5. Check bridge laws: Adjust your load to the shortest maximum length required by the states through which the load will travel.
  6. Distribute weight evenly: Always set tandem pins at their most restrictive limits and load the heaviest freight toward the front of the trailer.
  7. Check each axle’s weight: Adjust sliding fifth wheel and trailer tandems to redistribute weight among axle groups to maximize payload while still complying with axle weight limits.

During the 2016 International Roadcheck, over 60,000 inspections were performed, and 21.5 percent of vehicles were placed out of service as a result. Keep your truck on the road by ensuring you’re prepared for the 2017 inspection.

Have you ever participated in a CVSA Roadcheck? Do you have any advice for other drivers about preparing for the 2017 Roadcheck?


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