Schneider announces new performance pay for newly hired drivers

By Pat Lilja Feb 27, 2019
New performance pay for newly hired drivers

Schneider is rolling out yet another upgrade to its performance pay package — and it impacts drivers as soon as they start with the company — for a limited time.

Last year, Schneider implemented a simplified and improved performance pay program that pays out weekly, with up to $.04 per mile more, based on performance across three simple metrics.

But, drivers had to wait until the quarter after they register 60 days of performance data for the performance pay to kick in.

Not anymore — at least for the next few months.

Now, Schneider is announcing that, as of Feb. 1, for drivers hired by May 5, performance pay of $.02 per mile will be added to most drivers’ base mileage pay — right away. In other words: more pay, effective your first day.

Even more drivers seeing performance pay

Today, 75 percent of Schneider drivers receive performance pay, an increase of 20 percent!

Since implementing the 2018 performance pay upgrade, 75 percent of Schneider drivers are getting some level of actual performance pay — up 20 percent from the previous quarterly performance bonus model.

The actual performance-based pay up to $.04 per mile will still kick in at the same point as before, but, for a limited time, drivers can at least realize $.02 per mile of that immediately. During the initial $.02 period, drivers can learn what it really takes to earn performance pay once it’s based on actual performance.

While this change impacts most drivers who are new to Schneider, some driving positions feature a unique performance pay program that recognizes the unique structure of that driving job. We literally offer hundreds of different driver pay packages to make sure you get paid well for the hard work you do.

More driver pay resources

Ever wonder why most other trucking companies advertise “great pay” but never talk about it? We’re proud to discuss our driver pay and benefits with you so you can make an informed decision. A few places to get you started:

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