Schneider Updates Driver Speed Stance

By Rob Reich Nov 16, 2016
After performing extensive analysis and considering driver feedback, Schneider is excited to announce an update to our driver speed stance.

5 Reasons Why Military Personnel Become Professional Truck Drivers

By Matthew Larson Nov 11, 2016
Truck driving and the military have more in common than you may think — that’s why current and former military members jump behind the wheel and hit the road. 

How to Get a Hazmat Endorsement

By The Schneider Guy Nov 8, 2016
Having a Hazardous Materials (hazmat) endorsement on your CDL opens up more options for better loads. Learn how to obtain the endorsement. 

Safety Tips on How to Drive in Fog

By Herb Moring Oct 31, 2016
Fog can pose an extremely dangerous hazard for truck drivers and motorists alike. Use these tips to drive safely in foggy conditions.

Schneider Ride of Pride Featured in CAT Scale Super Trucks® Collector Cards

By The Schneider Guy Oct 24, 2016
Truckers weighing their trucks at CAT Scale may see a familiar orange on one of the collector cards with their weigh ticket. Schneider's 2015 Ride of Pride is in the Series Sixteen cards.

What is Life Like as a Schneider Dedicated Driver?

By The Schneider Guy Oct 13, 2016
Learn what life is like as a Dedicated driver with Schneider, hauling freight for one primary customer. Then begin your career on the road with the consistency you're looking for.

Schneider Driving Job Questions Answered in Monthly Facebook Chat

By Todd Jadin Oct 6, 2016
Schneider has held nine Facebook chats in 2016 with three left this year. Here are some highlights from the most recent chat and answers to the top questions.

Compare the Best Truck Driving Schools With New CDL Training Directory

By Ken Smith Oct 4, 2016
Schneider does not have its own truck driving school, but we hire graduates from hundreds of the best schools — as described in this comprehensive resource.

4-Million-Mile Schneider Driver Bob Wyatt Receives International Award

By The Schneider Guy Sep 22, 2016
Schneider driver Bob Wyatt added the 2016 CVSA International Driver Excellence Award to his impressive career with this award ceremony acceptance speech.

Truck Driver Appreciation Week 'Thank You' From Schneider Executive VP

By Mark Rourke Sep 12, 2016
In recognition of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Schneider Chief Operating Officer Mark Rourke shares his heartfelt thanks to truckers.

The Schneider Gut Check For Becoming a Driver Trainer

By Geoffrey Alleyne Sep 7, 2016
It may be time to advance your career with a new role. Take this five-question test to discover whether you're ready to become a driver trainer.

Ready to Pass Your DOT Physical Exam?

By Christine Schneider Sep 6, 2016
Truckers, here are six ways to ensure you're ready for your DOT Physical exam to get your medical card and protect your most valuable commodity — your health.