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How to find a job after college: Five pieces of advice

Use these five pieces of advice when determining how to find a job after college.

College graduation is an exciting time, but it can also be terrifying because of the pressure to quickly find a job.

If you are about to start your post-grad job search, I encourage you to first do some research on how to find a job after college. In the long run, knowing these tricks will ultimately save you wasted time.

As someone who works in recruiting and often hires new graduates, see below for my five pieces of advice for first-time job seekers.

5 tips on how to find a job after college:

1. Make a LinkedIn profile.

Recruiters and professionals use LinkedIn to network, and your profile is kind of like your online resume. Connect with everyone you know on the platform and write them a short note on how you know them in the connection request.

Once you have your profile up and running, it is important to start building your brand on LinkedIn.

2. Reach out to people you know.

Use contacts from your school, friends who have jobs and anyone else you know to get the inside scoop on companies and jobs.

People can give you information that you won’t find on a company’s website to decide if a company and position are right for you.

If you learn about a position you are interested in from someone you know, consider asking them for a job referral. This can be intimidating so do some research on the correct way to ask for a job referral.

3. Work on your interviewing skills and resume.

Many employers ask mostly behavioral-based interview questions, which are often daunting to job seekers. Spend time brushing up on your video interview skills and in-person interview skills by reviewing your resume and considering real-life examples that you could use as answers.

While you’re at it, make sure your resume is up-to-date and ready for an interview at any time.

4. Go into your job search with an open mind.

This is one of my top tips when sharing advice about how to find a job after college.

It can be difficult to accept that your first job out of college may not be your dream job because you’re just not qualified yet. Instead, consider finding an entry-level role with a company that will be committed to your career development.

When talking to the hiring manager or recruiter, don’t be afraid to ask about their own career path to find out in what ways the company is committed to associates’ career development.

Getting experience will be key to getting promoted from within and landing that dream job in the future.

5. Know what to look for in a job.

Although just focusing on the salary of a position can be temping, think about what else you want in an employer. Benefits, such as health insurance, a 401k with company match and paid time off, may not resonate now, but they will later.

Things like insurance can be expensive if you have to get them on your own. Check out the company’s website or ask the recruiter for more information on what benefits they offer.

Using these tips, you will start your job searching off right and begin #adulting in no time!

Looking for your first job out of college?

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Sarah graduated from UW-Green Bay and has been with Schneider for nearly seven years. Sarah started at Schneider as a Area Planning Manager and has since held roles as an Operations Manager, Planning Manager and Driver Recruiter before her current role as a Corporate Recruiter.

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