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By Sarah Wehling Oct 5, 2017
Schneider Associates

People often wonder what’s it’s like behind the doors of Schneider, to “choose orange.” Are all the walls orange? (Not all of them.) What is in the water that gets associates so excited about working at Schneider?

You’ll find near Schneider offices a lot of people wearing Schneider shirts, hats and lanyards outside of work. There is great pride in working for Schneider, and we are often asked what is it from? Schneider started in 1935 with one man and has grown into an international transportation leader; our core values of Safety, Integrity, Respect and Excellence really show in our associates.

I work in Recruiting at Schneider and am proud that I get to help hire some of the amazing people that work here. I have been interviewing at Schneider for about five years, and there are some commonly asked questions I hear. To help you learn more about what’s it’s like to “choose orange” I have written some of the common questions recruiters are asked during interviews, with answers from our associates, so you can peak inside the doors and step inside.

Top 5 commonly asked questions

1. What is the best part of working here?
It is different for everyone of course, but when I talk to our associates I hear culture a lot! It’s a great work atmosphere where you make friendships and have fun! It’s not uncommon to have a leader hold the door open for you and ask about your weekend, go for a walk on the trail on site with a co-worker or celebrate a success with your team — that is just the Schneider Way. We spend a lot of time at work, so it should be fun!
Schneider associate with sign.
2. Is there a work-life balance?
We work hard and play hard! Schneider is a transportation leader across North America and China for a reason, but leaders will say family is first! If you don’t take care of you and your family, then you aren’t focused and ready. We take care of each other and our customers — we are a team.
3. Isn’t transportation boring?
I love this question! We are encouraged to find creative solutions, efficiently solve problems and collaborate with others. Many departments are getting updates on fuel pricing, weather and thousands of customers’ shipments. We impact the products we use every day, so there is no time to be bored. It’s not a flashy industry, but it’s the backbone of our nation’s economy, and it’s fascinating to be part of!
4. Don’t you only hire drivers?
Drivers are the heartbeat of this business, no doubt about it. We also need diesel technician and warehouse associates, plus a wide range of office positions, including customer service representatives, sales representatives, team leaders, technology professionals, human resources professionals and more to ensure our company is running smoothly.
Schneider associates in front of trailer.
5. What is the training like?
Schneider offers in-depth training, and the structure varies on the role from on-the-job, classroom, online courses and reading. We also have an onsite library, advanced online courses for leadership or computer skills, for example, and more career and professional development opportunities, like mentorship programs and tuition reimbursement to continue training as associates are employed.

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I hope these commonly asked questions give you a great view of choosing orange. Do you have any additional questions? Comment below.

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Sarah Wehling, a University of Wisconsin-Whitewater graduate, is the Senior Recruiting Manager for Schneider’s 3PL division, Schneider Transportation Management. Prior to joining Schneider, Sarah had been recruiting for 12 years both in the military and in the private sector.

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