Here’s How Engineers Keep Schneider on the Cutting Edge

By Bob Gremley Aug 6, 2015
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Schneider prides itself on its innovation and its relentless quest for a better way to do things. Our award-winning Engineering department is just one of many areas responsible for that continued effort. Having been in operations research for more than 30 years, 17 with Schneider, I can attest to the unique culture and opportunity Schneider provides.

Where else can you work for one of the largest operations research/logistics engineering departments in the country, enjoy the freedom to explore complex ideas that actually get implemented and get buy-in from leadership? Our CEO Chris Lofgren even comes from an operations research background.

Not just a think tank — we have real impact

Our projects focus on determining the best ways to use data and analytics to improve processes, increase efficiencies and find the safest and most cost-effective ways to run our business. We get to build things that significantly impact not only profitability, but also people’s lives.

What impact will our current projects have?

One of the projects we are currently working on is upgrading our Van Truckload dispatching capabilities. Previously, pick-up and delivery times were being set independent of their impact on driver dispatch. This was a missed opportunity for us as we weren’t able to take advantage of our customers’ flexibility — allowing us to maximize efficiency and improve driver experience. Through the dispatch optimization model we were able to rank and value appointment times allowing us to make the most cost-effective dispatching decisions.

Here are some of the other major initiatives that our Engineering team is working on:

  • Determining improved current load acceptance criteria for our Van Truckload division
  • Improving short-term forecasting
  • Identifying key shipment characteristics that may lead to service failures
  • Creating new pricing strategies
  • Assisting facilities in improving parking capacity utilization at operating centers
  • Collaborating with the St. Norbert College MBA program and the University of Chicago Masters of Science in Analytics programs.

Being a part of Schneider’s Engineering team means that I am a part of something exciting. Big Data is all around us, and at Schneider we are finding ways to analyze and optimize data to continue to keep ahead of the competition.

Do you have any questions about starting a Schneider career in operations research/logistics engineering, or about the work our current engineers are doing?

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Bob, a senior engineer with Schneider, has worked in operations research for more than 30 years. In that time, he has completed dozens of supply chain strategy projects on a consulting basis addressing facility location, inventory management, forecasting and warehousing operations. Over the last eight years, his work has focused on projects related to employee recruiting and retention, pricing, scheduling, forecasting, risk planning and operations, using a variety of operations research, statistical and economic analysis techniques.

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