Top 5 Reasons My Schneider Job Rocks

By Sarah Wehling Jul 9, 2015
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After working for other companies, and the military I can truly appreciate how amazing Schneider is. My name is Sarah Wehling, Senior Recruiting Manager in Schneider’s third party logistics division. I’ve been with Schneider for two and a half years, and it makes my job of selling Schneider careers so much easier when I’m thrilled with everything Schneider has done for my career.

What makes Schneider a great place to work, and why does my job rock? I’ve narrowed it down to my top five reasons:

1. The people

I work with people who are passionate about what they do, and they have a lot of fun doing it. We support each other to achieve our goals. We collaborate together as a team and interact with so many people in different departments. My leader is approachable. My co-workers are friendly. Everyone is generous with their time and money through Schneider’s robust charitable giving programs. On a consistent basis our offices are helping at local soup kitchens, the Salvation Army or donating toys when needed because they care about communities. I love that we have such caring people giving back!

2. Freedom to create

Schneider has become an industry leader over the last 80 years by fostering an environment of innovation. I love working for a company that encourages me to try new things and always strives to be on the cutting edge. A recruiter had the idea to try an open house and had a lot of ideas to go with the event to make it fun — I loved the creativity. We are still refining the event, but I appreciate that we are always trying new things to ensure the public knows about Schneider and how awesome we are!

3. Work-life balance

Schneider knows that family comes first, and it’s a consistent message that I hear and see daily. I never feel like I can’t balance doing great at work and home. When my son was sick at daycare I didn’t feel bad about dropping my work to take care of him because my co-workers first response was, “I hope he is okay — we got this!”

4. Investment in my future

In two and a half years, I’ve already received a promotion, and so have many of my co-workers. I love celebrating all the promotions, like Adam Magill who was just promoted to Regional Sales Director in Dallas, one of many promotions he has had in his eight years with Schneider. By working for such a large company, there are always opportunities to advance and even move around into different departments if career goals change. I won’t have to go anywhere else to keep climbing the career ladder, and Schneider continually invests in me.

5. Pay and benefits

Let’s cut to the chase: Pay and benefits aren’t everything on a job, but they’re an important reason many of us work. I’m thrilled with the ways Schneider delivers for me in this area. Some of the benefits include medical, 401(k), life insurance and tuition assistance. Some benefits I love that people often overlook are the awesome onsite amenities at many of our facilities, and company discounts and bonuses. At Schneider, I’m rewarded for the hard work I do.

If you’re considering a career with Schneider, what is most important to you? If you currently work with Schneider, why do you enjoy your job?

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Sarah Wehling, a University of Wisconsin-Whitewater graduate, is the Senior Recruiting Manager for Schneider’s 3PL division, Schneider Transportation Management. Prior to joining Schneider, Sarah had been recruiting for 12 years both in the military and in the private sector.

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