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Schneider announces 4th annual ‘Semi Showdown’ photo contest

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Every year, Schneider organizes the Semi Showdown photo contest, an event that encourages drivers to share their best picture of a Schneider tractor and compete to see whose image reigns supreme.

The winner of the contest gets bragging rights and an exclusive Schneider prize package.

Check out the winning images from 2019, 2020 and 2021 to see if your image has what it takes to come out on top.

How to participate in the Semi Showdown photo contest

Vote for a winner

Once the entry period ended, a team of non-participating Schneider associates reviewed the photo submissions and selected 16 images to participate in the final bracket. Initial matchups were seeded at random in the bracket below.

Schneider's photo contest bracket featuring 16 photos submitted by drivers and associates with three rounds leading to the championship.

Participants can refer to this bracket or visit the Schneider Truck Driving Jobs Facebook page to see what images will go head-to-head every weekday between March 29 and April 19.

Voting rules:

In order to vote, participants must visit the Schneider Truck Driving Jobs Facebook page and react (select any reaction) to one of the two images included in the daily contest post. The photo with the most reactions at the end of the day will be considered the winner and will go on to compete with the next photo in the bracket.

Contestants can promote their photo by sharing the post to their personal account and encouraging others to react to their image.

Once a winning image is selected, Schneider will reach out to the photographer via direct message to award them with an exclusive Schneider prize package.

Voting period:

  • Starts: Noon on Tuesday, March 29.
  • Closes: Noon on Tuesday, April 19.

What the winning prize package includes

The winner of the fourth annual Semi Showdown photo contest will receive the following items:

  • A Schneider-branded sweatshirt.
  • A schneider-branded bag.
  • Ride of Pride coins.
  • A Schneider sticker.

Photo contest rules

The photo submission process will take place on Schneider’s Truck Driving Jobs Facebook page. At noon, on Monday, February 28, Schneider shared a post announcing the competition and encouraged contestants to submit their photo in the comment section of the post.

Photo entry rules:

When submitting a photo, participants were asked to include the city and state where their photo was taken. We also encouraged participants who are Schneider drivers to share what kind of freight they haul and how long they have been driving for Schneider.

In addition, participants were asked to follow these rules:

  • The photo they submit must be taken by themself.
  • The photo must include a Schneider tractor-trailer.
  • If multiple photos are submitted, only the first photo submitted by each participant will be counted in the selection process.

  • Photos must not include customer or company logos other than Schneider’s. Photos with company logos will be excluded from the contest.
  • Safety is our number one concern, so image submissions that feature or appear to feature a truck parked on the side of the road or in any other unsafe locations will not be counted in the selection process.

See full contest rules and regulations.

Entry period:

  • Started: Noon on Monday, February 28.
  • Closed: Noon on Monday, March 14.

Looking for even more Schneider driver content?

Our Facebook page is packed with driver resources, video content, industry updates and so much more. Be sure to follow our page to receive updates on our Semi Showdown Photo Contest as it unfolds.

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