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Top 12 'Slice of Orange' Schneider blog posts of 2016
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December 29, 2016

We made it! Another great year in the books at Schneider, and we’re proud to say this is “A Slice of Orange” blog post No. 100 in 2016.

Our goal has been and will continue to be to help prospective driver, office, warehouse and diesel technician associates gain a deeper understanding about the company so you can make an informed career decision.

I encourage you to browse through the Schneider blog categories, recent posts and blog history for any blog posts you may have missed. Below is a list of highlights, but there are 88 other pieces of content we couldn’t squeeze in here.

Top 12 Schneider blog posts of 2016 (in descending order):

12. Behind the scenes video as a Schneider Chicago Intermodal truck driver

No need to go into a driving career blind. The five videos in this post showcase everything from safety and training to equipment and technology; from facilities and environment to career advancement opportunities.

11. 1,800-watt power inverters installed on all new Schneider tractors

More comfort for your home away from home. Drivers loved learning about the new inverters coming to their Schneider tractors, including a detailed list of what devices can be used with the inverters

10. Warehouse careers: The culture and people are Schneider’s differentiators

Lots of exciting things happening behind all those garage doors. Schneider’s Port Logistics business unit is Schneider’s newest, which means an exciting array of new opportunities, in a unique environment.

9. A once-in-a-lifetime load: Reflections on delivering the White House Christmas tree

A firsthand account of a prominent load. Schneider Ride of Pride driver Chip Hill recounted his journey from Wisconsin to Washington, D.C. Only published two weeks ago, but readers loved the story and video.

8. Compare the best truck driving schools with new CDL training directory

We’ve done the work for you. Schneider doesn’t have its own truck driving school, but we hire graduates from schools across the country. Our new online nationwide directory will help you find your perfect driving school.

7. How technology is transforming diesel technician careers

It’s not just turning a wrench anymore. Today’s diesel technicians spend just as much time using diagnostic software and electronics technology. This valuable insight was appreciated by aspiring diesel techs.

6. Infographic: The staggering technology behind trucking and logistics

Simultaneously managing the logistics of nearly 20,000 loads — per day, every day — doesn’t happen on a clipboard. These incredible statistics showcase what it takes to run an operation like ours — the technology and the people.

5. College to career, Pt. 3: Tips for your first day at your new job

A smooth transition into the real world. This series captured everything a college graduate could want to know, including steps to take while in college, job search advice and this finale for successfully launching your career.

4. Schneider updates driver speed stance

Music to drivers’ ears. Lots went into Schneider’s decision to cap cruise control speed at 60 mph for years, but the stance is changing for 2017. This post outlined the changes and addressed several frequently asked questions.

3. Schneider CEO reflects on secret ingredient to company’s success

Companies don’t stick around for over 80 years by accident. Schneider CEO Chris Lofgren explained exactly what has set Schneider apart since 1935 — including an inspiring story and video.

2. What to expect at a Schneider truck driver recruiting event

Ask your questions in person. Prospective drivers enjoy talking directly to someone who knows the details of driving jobs in their area. Schneider will continue to hold recruiting events in 2017, so use this as a guide before you head to an event.

1. 5 tips for backing up a tractor-trailer safely

Driver tip posts performed consistently well, and we’ll continue to feature them moving forward. Other tip posts included CDL road test tips, tips from experienced drivers, a guide to pre-trip inspections and more.

Bonus: Believe it or not, the most-read Schneider blog post in 2016 was actually published in 2015: Schneider Truck Driver Pay Pt. 2: Average Earnings Expectations. We also recently posted about Intermodal driver pay, and we’ll continue to explore pay considerations for drivers in 2017.

What else would you like to learn about through the Schneider blog in 2017? Comment below.

Thanks for making 2016 an outstanding year. Let’s make 2017 even better — together!

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