Diesel mechanic vs. diesel technician: What’s the difference?

By Seth Heiss Jun 25, 2019

Diesel mechanic or diesel technician? Which is the right term? Learn why our Maintenance Recruiter believes both are accurate.

Top summer safety tips for truck drivers

By The Schneider Guy May 31, 2019

Even in the summer truck drivers need to be prepared for dangerous weather and road conditions. Read our summer driving safety tips for truck drivers.

CVSA Roadcheck 2019: Everything drivers need to know

By Roger Halbach May 29, 2019

CVSA Roadcheck will take place June 4-6, 2019. Here's important info on this year's inspection focus area, what to expect and what drivers need.

Video: Schneider's Team Matching Program creates winning teams

By The Schneider Guy May 28, 2019

See how Schneider's Team Matching Program helps drivers who want to team drive, but don't have a partner, successfully pair up.

Schneider Bulk celebrates 50 years, recognizes top Tanker drivers

By The Schneider Guy May 24, 2019

Explore a brief history of Schneider's Bulk division, see it today and meet the six Tanker drivers recognized with specially decaled trucks.

Top diesel mechanic tips

By Seth Heiss May 22, 2019

Maintenance Technician Master, Kent Miller, shares his top 6 diesel mechanic tips that all mechanics should know.

Cooking in a semi-truck: “Herbs with Herb” episodes 2, 3

By The Schneider Guy May 20, 2019

Cooking in a semi-truck shouldn't be difficult. In episodes 2 and 3 of "Herbs with Herb," we cook easy-to-make corned beef and cabbage and chicken fajitas.

What is the stopping distance for semi-trucks?

By Nick Economu May 17, 2019

You won't have the time to read this important info when someone slams on the brakes in front of you, so prepare well now with this quick guide.

8 essential tips for women truck drivers

By The Schneider Guy May 16, 2019

Eight female intermodal drivers share their tips for fellow women truck drivers on how to be safe and successful while out on the road.

4 reasons to consider a career in the transportation industry

By Gina Neta May 13, 2019

From operations to customer service, engineering and more... careers in the transportation industry are challenging, rewarding and crucial

Robert Faircloth: Being both a dedicated driver and family man

By The Schneider Guy May 10, 2019

All Star driver Robert Faircloth's story proves semi-truck drivers can be devoted to both their families and their jobs.