Featured Dedicated Driver

Deb Anderson

Deb Anderson

Type of driver Dedicated Driver
With Schneider 4 years
Hometown Beloit, WI
Miles on the road 200,000+
Can't live without Cell phone

Finding freedom with Schneider

For Wisconsin native and Schneider Dedicated Driver Deb Anderson, spending time in the outdoors is what she lives for. So one might be surprised that she spends most of her days inside the cab of an 18-wheeler. But, on the other hand, after spending 28 years in a factory, Deb says she feels free behind the wheel of a big rig.

From Four Walls to the Open Road

Deb spent the majority of her working career—more than 28 years—in the machining industry.

"In that business, you have four walls and a roof around you,” noted Deb. “Plus, you have a boss constantly looking over your shoulder to make sure you reach your quota.”

In 2010, Deb took control of her future and enrolled in truck driving school to obtain her Commercial Drivers License (CDL).

“In trucking, your performance is based on a wider scope,” she said. “You’re in charge of how you do. There’s less micro-managing.”

After completing driving school, Deb researched trucking companies online, weighing pay and home time. She chose Schneider because the pay was good and the company was one of few offering electronic logging – a big bonus for Deb, who enjoys technology.

Schneider’s Support System

Deb can’t say enough about her support system at Schneider.

“I have always had a good experience with my managers. Anytime I need time off, they work with me,” noted Deb. “Schneider works hard to keep drivers happy.”

And when emergencies arise, Deb knows she can get ahold of someone. “I can call anytime I need to, day or night.”

Deb can also rely on her manager when she needs help in other aspects of her job, but she also trusts Schneider’s training program.

“They bring us in annually to review our books and have us drive to make sure we haven’t picked up any bad habits,” she said. “Schneider keeps their drivers up to date on procedures.”

A Unique Opportunity

Deb had an opportunity in 2014 to share her experience on the road with J.J. Keller President and CEO Marne Keller-Krikava. During the daylong ride along, which was orchestrated by the Women in Trucking organization, Deb told Marne about the challenges drivers face. “I talked a lot about increased regulation, distracted drivers and finding safe overnight parking.”

The experience was eye opening for Marne, who commented, “With the help of organizations like Women in Trucking, we will continue to make strides in addressing these issues and recruiting more women to the profession.”

Downsizing in her Future

Deb enjoys traveling and has no plans to quit driving in the short-term, but she has big plans for retirement –including selling her and her partner’s home to build a tiny house. How tiny? Less than 1,000 square feet of living space!

She was inspired after seeing the television show about this increasingly popular means of living. “Some people live off the grid with solar panels and things. I want to invest in land so I can practice bow hunting,” she said.

“If I can get it done the right way, I won’t have a house payment, so I can afford more fun things in life. And when I retire, I want to be able to continue enjoying my life.”

Until then, the open road provides Deb all the space she needs.

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