Featured Dedicated Driver

Frederick "Freddie" Jordan

Frederick "Freddie" Jordan

Type of driver Dedicated Driver
With Schneider 28 years
Hometown Wrens, GA
Miles on the road 3 million+
Can't live without Cell phone and Dallas Cowboys blanket

Staying True To His Roots

Frederick was first exposed to the trucking industry as a child nearly 40 years ago when he spent weekends and summers riding in a cab with his uncle, Henry, a driver for a company that manufactured city trashcans and dumpsters. They would drive around making deliveries, and all the while Henry was unintentionally teaching his nephew how to drive.

Despite the fact that Frederick became interested in truck driving at a young age, he spent a decade as a cutting operator, trimming pads for floor buffer machines. He moved up to a department lead, where he stayed for six years before the call from the open road was too loud to ignore.

Frederick remembered those road trips with his uncle and recalled his appreciation of the freedom to work without someone standing over his shoulder. He made the move to trucking, starting out with a small regional line that was eventually purchased by Schneider in 1995.

Although he had the option to move on, Frederick chose to stay with Schneider, “They made the transition easy, and I liked the equipment better,” he recalls.

“The trucks had newer technology and seemed more reliable. I’ve had my latest truck for three years and though it’s racked up 515,000 miles, it still runs great!”

Frederick was one of a handful of drivers to receive a special decaled truck celebrating the company’s 75th Anniversary, which features the 75th Anniversary logo. Criteria for selection included being a safe and compliant, highly tenured million-mile driver.

The Dedicated Life is For Me

As a Dedicated driver based out of Wrens, Ga., Frederick has enjoyed servicing various accounts, but the one he has now hauling dry goods is by far his favorite. “There’s more flexibility and I’m able to prioritize my schedule to choose my home time,” he explains.

The consistency in his professional and personal life is something he values.

“I’ve also been an over-the-road trucker, but Dedicated is a better fit for me,” he says. “I know what I’m going to do from one day to the next and have consistent freight to haul.”

Of course, Frederick also appreciates the other benefits of working with Schneider. “It’s all good!” he exclaims.

“The health benefits are good, vacation time is good, the schedule is flexible. I can move days around to get my weekly miles in, and I’m home pretty much every weekend.”

Life is Always Interesting on the Road

Frederick cites being able to stay near his home in Wrens as the best thing about the job, but enjoys people watching when he makes his way to truck stops to fuel up. “I get to watch the tourists come and go, all while picking up and dropping off loads,” he notes.

Although his line of business doesn’t take him around the country, he has still met some interesting people, including a couple of bands. Among his noteworthy encounters: Zac Brown Band and Hootie and the Blowfish at a Flying J truck stop in Indianapolis.

The Best is Yet to Come

When Frederick is off the road, he’s stretching his legs playing a pickup game of basketball or DJing at different events. He enjoys spending time with his fiancé, kids and being active in the community, particularly with his masonic organization.

On the road, Frederick continues to set new goals.

“I would like to become an owner-operator or reach five million miles, whichever comes first.”

Frederick owes his strong will to succeed to his parents. “My mother played a big role in showing me what it meant to have a job and doing my best in everything I was asked to do,” he recalls. “And my dad was a hard worker; he is even now. He instilled it in me.”

“I know what it takes to make it.”

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