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Life is best for Schneider Dedicated drivers and military veterans Jerry and Dianna when they’re tackling challenges and learning a new skill. Separately, they each filled those needs through military careers but have since moved on to exciting new adventures together with Schneider.

Serving Their Country

Jerry was in the U.S. Army for seven years. He challenged himself to try different schools and disciplines throughout his military career, including rifleman and mechanic. When he exited the Army in 1992, he tried to put his college degree in automotive science to good use as a mechanic, but he kept his eyes open for more lucrative opportunities. After talking with recruiters in the transportation field, Jerry joined Schneider as an Over-the-Road driver in 1992.

Dianna spent 11 years in the Navy, including 4 ½ years as a gunner’s mate and 6 ½ years as an air traffic controller, before joining Schneider. She developed an interest in truck driving while stationed in Cuba for the Navy. There, she put her CDL to use by shuttle-driving for the ships. When she left the military in 1990, Dianna looked to trucking to support herself and her two sons. She was curious about becoming a driving instructor, so she attended a local job fair and talked to a recruiter about her goals. Dianna joined Schneider as a solo Over-the-Road driver in 1993.

Love Unexpected

Jerry and Dianna discovered more than a great career opportunity when they joined the Schneider family. They also found one another.

When Jerry wanted to become an instructor in 2001, Dianna was one of the trainers assigned to show him the ropes. But it wasn’t love at first sight. In fact, she gave him a tough time about his southern accent and slang.

“She wanted to make sure my pronunciation was perfect,” exclaimed Jerry.

Dianna laughs, but she took her training seriously.

“I was teaching instructors to be instructors,” defended Dianna.

"You need to be the elite of the whole fleet. You’re representing the company out there!”

Eventually, the two became friends, and friendship blossomed into love. They were married in 2003.

“She’s my wife,” said Jerry. “She’s my everything.”

Jumping at New Opportunities

The pair has taken full advantage of the many career opportunities Schneider has to offer. They’ve spent time as training engineers, instructors, flat bed drivers and bulk drivers, to name a few.

In 2013, the couple was one of five original teams asked to help on a brand-new initiative: hauling Power-Only Doubles, meaning they pull two 28' trailers at a time.

As a power-only team, Jerry and Dianna are responsible for hauling customers’ freight from terminal to terminal across the country – both full truckload and less than truckload.

“Some drivers are afraid to pull doubles because they’re less stable than one 53' trailer,” said Jerry. “But we both love learning new things and want diverse experience.”

Looking Forward to a Bright Orange Future

Jerry and Dianna love being on the road together and tackling the challenges each day brings.

“Every day, I am with the love of my life doing what I love,” exclaimed Jerry. “It doesn’t get any better than that. She and I share everything.”

They would like to pump the brakes on truck driving eventually, though not entirely.

“Even when retired, we’ll stay in transportation,” said Dianna.

“Once the house is paid off, we’ll hop out of the truck and hopefully flex our instructor muscles again. We would like to rehone those skills.”

Whatever adventures the future holds, Jerry and Dianna look forward to facing them headfirst…and more importantly, together.

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