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Orange inspires greatness

The phrase “Orange inspiring greatness” was originally coined as homage to Schneider’s signature color. Now, it holds a second meaning: Keisha Orange. This Schneider Dedicated Driver loves the freight transport industry (Orange is her last name, after all!) and brings pride and excellence to every piece of the business she touches.

Taking a Chance on the Unknown

Keisha is no stranger to the industry; prior to arriving at Schneider in February 2014, she spent a total of 10 years working for various transportation companies.

She was drawn to trucking by a former co-worker at a sandwich shop in her hometown. The ladies chatted about the profession and it piqued Keisha’s interest.

“I wanted to travel,” said Keisha. “She helped me get the books to study for the test, and I went for it.”

But travel wasn’t the only reason Keisha wanted to pass the test with flying colors.

“I knew it was more of a challenge for a woman to become a truck driver, and I thought I could do it!”

Schneider Drivers are Happy Drivers

Keisha had her eye on Schneider for some time. She did her research and talked to other drivers about what it was like to work for the Big Orange.

“Schneider has so many happy drivers who enjoy the company and have positive things to say,” said Keisha.

So when an opportunity to leave her role as an over-the-road driver to become a Schneider yard jockey on the third shift opened up, Keisha jumped at the chance to stay closer to home and spend more time with her 8-year-old daughter.

“Orange” Bleeds Orange

Keisha is recognized and respected by both the Schneider crew and the customer. As a lead driver whose responsibility it is to keep the operation running smoothly, she takes it upon herself to mandate safety among the team. “Schneider means it when they say ‘safety first,’” emphasized Keisha. “They make sure everyone’s on the same page with safety by explaining it in a way that everyone can understand.”

And Keisha makes sure of it. “Drivers may pick up bad habits as they get into the comfort zone after years of experience. I’m a perfectionist, and I want everything done correctly to uphold Schneider’s reputation.”

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Keisha is proud to have a second family of truck drivers from her years of experience, but nothing quite beats the feeling of being surrounded by her hometown family.

“After being on the road so long, I knew I needed to spend more time at home,” said Keisha. “I’m so thankful Schneider had an opportunity that would allow me that luxury.”

With daily home time, Keisha enjoys working on craft and home décor projects with her daughter and is helping her mom start a transportation business that will take the elderly to doctor appointments. And no one is a bigger fan of Keisha than her grandma, who doesn’t hesitate to brag about her truck driving granddaughter to everyone she knows.

“I wanted to take my career to the next level, and being able to do that with a company that is all about teamwork and family is a plus.”

The color orange represents enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, determination and success – all qualities Keisha embodies.

“I think this is one of those times in life when I’m content with the way things are going. Everything is great.”

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