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Marsha & Ellery Cummings

Marsha & Ellery Cummings

Type of driver Team Van Drivers
With Schneider 25 combined years
Hometown Montevallo, AL
Miles on the road 1 million +
Can't live without Sweet tea and one another

Get paid to road trip with a friend

Trucking wasn’t the first choice on Marsha Cumming’s list of possible careers, but over the years, it has become her favorite. She got her first taste of truck driving in 1991 when her then-husband had to make a career transition out of construction for health reasons. “I had been a top executive, CEO and controller among a few other things,” recalls Marsha. “I wasn’t sure about trucking but wanted to be with my husband.”

Although Marsha hated being away from home at first, the freedom of the open road as an over-the-road team driver grew on her. “There are no limitations. You pick your own schedule and just run freight on time.”

Unfortunately, her husband’s deteriorating health was not conducive for caring for him and working, so Marsha decided to leave trucking and pursue real estate appraisal.

Once you Go Orange…

Several life changes brought Marsha back to the Big Orange in 2005 with her now second husband, Ellery.

Prior to hopping in the cab to be by Marsha’s side, Ellery held a variety of jobs. He was in the active army stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia for seven years as a truck driver. Following his active tour, he went home and signed up for the National Guard. He then began working for a family-run timber mill, treating lumber for railroad ties, fence posts and telephone poles, as a materials hauler.

However, after 22 years with the company, he began to see it change before his eyes. He wanted to get out of the timber industry, but wanted to utilize his experience handling heavy equipment.

“I told Marsha I was thinking of getting into the trucking business, and she told me about Schneider,” said Ellery.

Marsha didn’t hesitate to get back behind the wheel with Schneider.

“I knew it was a good career,” she stated. “With the hopes of being somewhere until I retire, I knew it was a good company to be with because of the great benefits.”

She has been with the company ever since, for a total of 16 years and counting.

Now that they’re on the road as a team, they love spending time together and exploring the country, traveling off the beaten path to eat at new restaurants.

Welcomed with Open Arms

Having secure, consistent work on a daily basis also makes the Cummings’ team feel at home with Schneider.

Everyone who has been part of the Schneider team inspires Marsha. “It is like a family, you feel like you belong,” she reflected. “You are a part of something. You count.”

Ellery says, “Schneider is a good company to work for. Plus, it pays the mortgage and puts food on the table.”

“I have no worries working at Schneider. It’s very secure and I know I will have health insurance because of my work and contribution.”

Take the Good and Take the Bad

Marsha notes life on the road isn’t easy. “You need to make sure you stay alert, and sometimes you don’t sleep well on the road,” she mentioned. “As Schneider always tells us, nothing we do is worth getting hurt or hurting others. No matter what, you need to rest, drink plenty of water and eat fruit.”

Ellery agrees with her.

“Driving keeps you on your toes,” he said. “There’s a slim allowance for mistakes so you can’t get distracted.”

Schneider selects only the top, most safe drivers to join the team. “The training is thorough and it’s what everyone needs to drive a truck safely,” claimed Marsha. “They give you all the training you could need.”

Marsha plans to retire with Schneider, though she isn’t sure when that will happen. Until then, she is loving the experience.

“I refer everyone to Schneider. You’re treated fairly, paid fairly. It’s the best company anyone could ever work for.”

Marsha and Ellery are a team in every sense of the word and they feel like part of the Schneider team, no matter which state they head to next.

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