Featured Intermodal Driver

Roger Fugere

Roger Fugere

Type of driver Intermodal Driver
With Schneider 22 years
Hometown Rawlings, MD
Miles on the road 2 million+
Can't live without iPhone and iPad

Safety First – #1 core value

You could say Regional Intermodal driver Roger Fugere was a born trucker – and you would be right. Not only has he always loved to travel and see the world, but Roger has also surrounded himself with trucks his entire life.

“As a young guy, I would watch truck driving shows and check out the trucks on the road.”

In his spare time, he even loves to attend truck and vintage car shows.

From Camo to Cargo

That passion for trucking is what led Roger to his first career as a truck driver and mechanic in the active Army. While in Germany during his Operation Desert Storm tour, a Schneider recruiter traveled overseas to talk to the troops about making the post-military transition to a career as a civilian driver. After serving his country for 10 years, Roger returned to the U.S. knowing he would continue driving professionally. He appreciated Schneider’s rich history and its motto of “Safety First and Always,” so it was a natural choice for him to join the Big Orange.

Welcome to Schneider

Roger started out at Schneider as an over-the-road driver in 1992, but after several years, he moved into the Dedicated division and started hauling freight for an automotive manufacturer. A decade later, on a co-worker’s suggestion, he moved into Intermodal.

Now, he truly appreciates the consistency that comes with driving Intermodal. He picks freight up daily and delivers it safely and on time to customers who get to know him by name.

Staying on His Toes

Roger loves driving, even when he’s faced with new challenges. “Every once in a while, it might be challenging to figure out how to get to a first-time pickup for a new customer,” he noted.

Roger’s secret weapon when dealing with new accounts is to have an open line of communication with the customer and the shipper. He works with his Driver Business Leader (DBL) to find out the nuances of the account and call the customer for advice on the best route to take.

“I’ve never had a problem calling the customer or shipper to get any clarification or points of reference so I can find where I’m going,” noted Roger. “They know the area better than I would and can often provide tips to get to the location safely.”

With a 10-year safety award and two million miles under his belt at Schneider, that strategy has served him well.

Roger knows he will never be asked to put himself in harms way to deliver freight. “Safety has always been a priority for Schneider,” he said. “If there’s bad weather, I call my DBL and there’s no question about my decision to stop driving.” The new electronic logging system is a big perk for Roger, who wasn’t a big fan of paper logs. He appreciates that Schneider is always advancing and keeping up with new technology, but mostly he emphasizes how much he appreciates that he’s treated like a person.

"The driver comes first at Schneider. I’m always going to have a place here as long as I do my job.”

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