Featured National Dedicated Driver

Stephanie Banic

Stephanie Banic

Type of driver National Dedicated Driver
With Schneider 25 years
Hometown Argos, IN
Miles on the road 1.75 million
Can't live without Music, a football game or a NASCAR race to listen to

The ability to live the good life

Schneider Dedicated Driver Stephanie enjoyed the childhood days she spent landlocked on her parents’ farm in rural Indiana, but the view out her bedroom window was not her field of dreams. Thankfully, Stephanie found her dream job that allows her to explore new horizons every day.

Shifting Gears

Stephanie graduated from college with a degree in physical education, but it quickly became clear to her that it was not her ultimate career path. Shortly after having this realization, a TV commercial for a truck-driving school in her area steered her toward a driving career. With a lineage of drivers in her family, Stephanie felt it could be a good fit for her, too. After all, her father drove a grain truck for some time, and her grandfather and uncle pulled livestock trailers.

Stephanie traded careers and graduated truck-driving school in July 1990. When it came time to choose a company to drive for, the choice was orange.

She started in the business as a one-way Over-the-Road driver in 1990. She stayed for 19 years before transitioning into a unique role at Schneider in 2009.

Capitalizing on Unexpected Opportunities

As a member of the National Dedicated Fleet, Stephanie gets placed on Dedicated accounts around the country that are temporarily in need of additional drivers. The Fleet is commonly tapped to assist with new business start-ups and seasonal spikes, as well as provide vacation coverage for other drivers. Each placement offers the desirable steady schedule, and Stephanie still is able to travel and take time to attend music events and follow her favorite Indiana sports teams and racecar drivers.

With close to 2 million safe driving miles under her seat belt, Stephanie has some sage advice for those considering a driving career.

“Schneider is a good company to drive for, with great leadership, training and benefits,” she said. “Yes, truck driving takes work and dedication from you and your family, but when you make it work, it’s a good life.”

Living the Good Life

It’s undeniable that Stephanie has enjoyed the good life as a Big Orange driver.

“I grew up on a dairy farm and spent my life in the same spot before I became a driver,” she said.

“This job has afforded me opportunities I would not have otherwise had, like traveling. I’ve been to all 48 contiguous states and five provinces of Canada.”

On top of that, she has been able to provide for herself. She is proud that her home is already half paid off, and she owns several vehicles. For Stephanie, these accomplishments only push her to continue driving as long as she can.

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