Featured National Dedicated Driver

Timothy Clark

Timothy Clark

Type of driver National Dedicated Driver
With Schneider 20.5 years
Hometown Indianapolis, IN
Miles on the road 1.8 million
Can't live without Music

Driving quenches my thirst for adventure

Working the standard 8–5 never sat right with Tim Clark, a longtime Schneider Dedicated driver. In his heart of hearts, Tim’s a nomad, preferring to go where the wind blows instead of conforming to rules and expectations. But that’s exactly what he did as a pest control company employee. He spent his days wondering if there was something better out there—something that would truly feed his soul and prove to be more than just a job.

Tim had a hunch that his “something better” was truck driving, but he wasn’t quite sure when—or if—he should make the leap to find out.

Finding the Right Path

In the early years of his marriage, Tim helped care for his wife’s parents, who were ill. During that time, the predictable hours and structure of his job were an asset. Shortly after his in-laws sadly passed away in January 1994, a close friend of Tim’s, who was a Schneider driver, encouraged him to start the next phase of his life and apply with the Big Orange. After discussing the opportunity with his wife, who was more than supportive, he filled out his application and was hired.

Initial curiosity about the profession quickly blossomed into pure love, and Tim knew his thirst for adventure was finally being quenched. This was more than just a job: this was a career—and Tim couldn’t be happier.

“I’m a modern-day gypsy. Driving gives me all the bells and whistles and comforts of home, but I get to see the country and meet new people every day. It’s truly my calling, and I can’t believe I get paid to do this!”

Dedicated to Driving Dedicated

As a Dedicated driver, Tim says he wouldn’t drive for any other area of the business—and he’s driven for almost all of them.

“I would be placed on Dedicated accounts from time to time, and I really enjoyed it, but I couldn’t get anything permanent. I’ve been fulltime on the National Dedicated Fleet for the past six years, and it’s the best.”

The biggest perk? A dependable schedule, because “it lets you plan your days or nights the way you want.”

But being on a Dedicated account doesn’t mean his love of travel has been put to rest. As a member of the National Dedicated Fleet, he gets placed on Dedicated accounts around the country that are temporarily in need of additional drivers. (The National Dedicated Fleet is commonly tapped to assist with new business start-ups and seasonal spikes, as well as provide vacation coverage for other drivers.) Each placement offers the coveted dependable schedule, and Tim still is able to go where the wind takes him. It’s a win-win.

What’s on the Horizon

With 20.5 successful years in the company, Tim won’t be pumping the brakes on his Schneider career anytime soon. His immediate goal is to end the year safely so he can accept his 20-Year Consecutive Safe Driving Award in spring 2015. After that, he’d like to reach 2 million safe driving miles (he’s currently at 1.8 million).

Outside of work, he wants to continue to travel and see the country, further satisfying his wanderlust. He’d also like to start working with young people to help them to find their own “something better”s in life—just as Tim did more than two decades ago.

“With Schneider, I’m family, which means, in one way or another, I’m always home. I wouldn’t trade this for anything.”

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