Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why would I want to work for a transportation and logistics company?
A. We know trucking may not seem like the most glamorous industry. But it’s an industry that always has been and always will be needed. Schneider moves over 8.9 million miles of freight each day for businesses across the U.S., so it’s safe to say that our 19,300 associates directly affect the economy. We are the quiet force behind the movement of goods across the world. You could be part of that — which is pretty cool when you think about it. If you want a job where you can be passionate about what you do and make your mark on something huge, you’ll fit in perfectly at Schneider.
Q. Why should I work for Schneider?
A. There are many reasons to work for us, but for this FAQ page, we’ll limit ourselves to the top five:
1. We are the best because we hire the best.
You’ll be surrounded by motivated people who come to work ready to make a difference each day.
2. We genuinely care about and respect our associates.
If you have an idea on how to make something better, we want to hear it and put it into action.
3. We are a big, stable company with a family-like feel.
You’ll have access to opportunities across the U.S., while enjoying a competitive pay and benefits package.
4. We promise you won’t be bored.
In this dynamic industry, you’ll face plenty of new challenges. When you tackle them, we’ll celebrate your success.
5. We’ll help you advance your career if that’s what you want to do.
As you develop professionally, you can customize your career path— moving into different positions throughout the business.
Q. What makes Schneider a transportation industry leader?
A. Schneider was founded in 1935 with one truck. It’s been growing ever since and is now one of the largest truckload carriers in North America. We are a pioneer in the industry — paving the way with innovative associates and the latest technology. With over 10,000 trucks, 37,900 trailers and 18,100 Intermodal containers in the fleet, we have the capacity to move a lot of freight. Our customers include more than two-thirds of the Fortune 500 companies.
Q. What are Schneider’s core values?
A. The core values are the bedrock of everything we do. They’re not just words on a page to us — we live them every day.
  • Safety first and always – We have a responsibility to our associates, customer and the community to operate safely. Nothing we do is worth harming ourselves or others.
  • Integrity in every action – We do what we say. We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards.
  • Respect for all – We treat everyone with dignity and respect. We embrace diversity of thought, experience and background.
  • Excellence in all we do – We do not stop until we’ve delivered a superior experience. We have a relentless passion for innovation and improvement.
Q. What kind of people do you hire?
A. Naturally, certain roles require certain expertise. But in general, we are looking for enthusiastic, energetic and hardworking individuals who are ready to take on challenges. We want people who are willing to contribute their ideas and continually help Schneider become a better organization.
Q. Does Schneider provide training for employees?
A. Yes. Office associates can participate in training ranging from instructor-led to self-study to e-learning. We offer new hire courses, leadership training and skill courses, such as negotiation and presenting. We also maintain a corporate library with 1,500 books, computer simulations and more than 170 online courses that align to our core competencies.
Q. What kind of career advancement opportunities does Schneider offer?
A. We like to say our associates can design their own career path. Some people pick one role and excel at it for years. Others move throughout the company, making their mark in different areas as they go. Schneider supports both routes. We offer tuition reimbursement and online training sessions to help associates meet their goals — whatever those goals may be.
Q. What if I'm having trouble applying for a job?
A. Email and provide as much of the following information as you can:
  • Specific details about the problems you’re running into. Screenshots are helpful, too.
  • What position/opening/vacancy were you applying to? Include the vacancy name.
  • What brought you to
  • Was it on a job board?
  • Do you receive an error message? If so, what was the message?
  • What type of Internet connection do you have?
  • What Internet browser and version are you using?
  • What time of day were you using the system?
Q. How does your interview process work?
A. We want your interviewing experience with us to be dynamic, comfortable and informative. There are two main steps in the process. First, we conduct a phone or personal interview that takes approximately 45 minutes. We'll ask about your relevant work experience and discuss your goals and expectations. After a successful preliminary interview, you will be invited to one of our locations to interview with three or four Schneider associates. Most of the interview time will be spent discussing your background and significant accomplishments.
Q. Are there relocation opportunities?
A. With more than 200 locations in the USA, Canada, Mexico and China, more than 50 on-site customer locations, and our corporate headquarters of more than 2,400 associates in Green Bay, WI, there are plenty of relocation opportunities if that’s what you desire. For some of our roles, we look for individuals who are willing to consider relocation. As part of the interview process, we will discuss this topic and talk to you about current location openings and future preferences, so you land just where you want to be.
Q. Your corporate headquarters are in Green Bay, Wisconsin? What’s that like?
A. We do have a variety of great opportunities available throughout the nation, but many of them are at our corporate office in Green Bay. Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of things to love about Green Bay that don’t involve football. It’s got big city amenities with a small community feel, complete with the family-oriented values the Midwest is known for.
  • Your family will enjoy living in a safe community that has low crime rates, friendly neighborhoods and award-winning school districts.
  • Area housing costs are 20 to 30 percent lower than identical housing in larger cities.
  • Most people experience very short commute times and enjoy little to no rush-hour traffic.
  • Northeast Wisconsin is home to four comprehensive medical centers — including two of the top 100 hospitals in the nation.
  • The cost-of-living is among the lowest in the nation, but you’d never know it with all of the attractions in the area — great restaurants, performing arts venues, shopping centers and, of course, the famous Lambeau Field.
  • If you want to get away for the weekend, Green Bay is a short drive away from Door County, Wisconsin Dells, Milwaukee, Chicago, Minneapolis and much more.
Q. How can I stay up-to-date on job openings at Schneider?
A. Schneider is on Facebook, Twitter Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram. Connect with us today for up-to-date job postings, industry news, interviewing tips, resume advice and much more.
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