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Army vet’s sunset shot voted ‘Semi Showdown’ photo contest winner

Mike Wester, 2019 Semi Showcase Winner

It didn’t go to overtime like the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship game, but Schneider’s ‘Semi Showdown: Truck Photo Faceoff’ championship match-up needed 618 votes to decide a winner.

Ultimately, Mike Wester’s Pittston, Pa., sunset edged out Niki Di Rocco’s Alamogordo, N.M., sunrise, 62-38 percent.

The prize and the contest

Mike’s photo was one of over 100 submitted during the Feb. 25 – March 8 contest entry, and one of 16 seeded into the final bracket, which featured four regions. Voting coincided with the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Mike won a prize package, including:

  • Schneider zip-up hooded sweatshirt
  • Schneider tote bag
  • Ride of Pride military tribute truck coins
  • Schneider sticker

In his generosity, he gifted the tote bag to Niki for her runner-up finish.

Check out the full bracket and the latest contest

Schneider Semi Showdown: Truck Photo Faceoff Bracket

If you didn’t get a chance to submit a photo for the contest but would still like to share it, you can message or comment anytime on our Schneider Truck Driving Jobs Facebook page.

Mike's photo and career story

Mike Semi Showdown Additional Image

Mike wouldn’t call himself a hobby photographer, but he said, “if I see the opportunity to capture a moment, I will definitely take advantage of it.”

That’s exactly what he did with his winning photo taken during an evening pre-trip inspection:

“I walked around the side of my truck, saw the awesome sunset and had to snap that photo. Pittston, Pa., always has great sunsets in the summer.”

Mike is a Schneider driver with an awesome career advancement story:

  • U.S. Army veteran who was stationed at Fort Stewart, Ga.
  • Worked in the oil and gas industry in West Virginia, but was laid off during the recession
  • Used his G.I. Bill benefits to attend PIA truck driving school
“I did a lot of research on trucking companies during school and I found nothing but great things about Schneider. I went on the Schneider website and found a Lowes [Dedicated] account out of Pittston, Pa. I started there in November of 2015 and I have been with Schneider since then.”

Originally from New Jersey, Mike was looking to get back there, and he recently switched divisions to become a Schneider Intermodal driver in Kearny, N.J.

Congratulations to Mike on an awesome career progression story and for winning Schneider’s photo contest!

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