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Schneider Experienced Truck Driving Jobs

Sick of empty promises at your current carrier? Curious why 10,000+ other drivers choose Orange?

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Need something new but not sure about your next step? Recent driving school grad about to get your CDL?

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Why drive for Schneider

Why drive for Schneider

Proven reputation, more opportunities

Schneider offers an unparalleled variety of driving options — whatever you’re looking for in your driving job — to meet your personal needs. Pick the job that meets your optimal combination of pay and home time, and always get the respect you deserve.

We offer one of the widest varieties of truck driving jobs in the industry — for both Team and Solo drivers. From Over-the-Road, Regional and Local drive styles, we’re here to help you choose the one that meets your needs. Start below.

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Driving the industry forward on diversity

The trucker stereotype needs to be shattered. The reality is that trucking is one of the most diverse industries out there, thanks in large part to Schneider’s leadership. Whatever your background, you’ll fit in here. A few examples:

  • Canada

    Enjoy expanded opportunities in our Canadian operation.

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  • Military

    We’re a top-ranked military-friendly employer for a reason.

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  • Español

    Los reclutadores bilingües están listos para ayudar.

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  • Schneider Women in Trucking
    Women in Trucking

    Join nearly 1,000 female Schneider drivers.

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Schneider Equipment & Technology

Equipment & Technology

The days of 10-speed manuals, CB radios, bumpy rides and too hot or too cold temperatures while you sleep on an uncomfortable mattress are fading fast. The newest era of tricked-out-trucks and tech-at-your-fingertips is here, and Schneider is at the forefront of innovation. Explore our driver-friendly truck spec and latest easy-to-use gadgets.

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