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A Schneider associate poses next to rows of boxes and pallets in a company warehouse


Set yourself up for success

Take a look inside the Schneider warehouse hiring process and review our interview preparation tips.

Find a job

What to expect when applying for a warehouse role

Step 1: Search and apply for a job.

  • Find open roles in your area and apply for one you’re interested in.
  • Once your resumé is reviewed by our recruiting team and you are identified as a possible fit for the role, our team will reach out to schedule a phone interview.

Step 2: Complete the phone interview.

  • Be prepared to talk through your resumé and technical skills during your phone screen.
  • After the phone interview is conducted and if you are found successful, the recruiting team will work to schedule an interview for you with the hiring leader.

Step 3: Interview with the hiring leader (if applying for a leadership role).

  • Make sure you are prepared for your on-site interview by:
    • Researching Schneider ahead of time to find out who we are.
    • Preparing questions you want to ask the interviews, such as:
      • What does training look like?
      • What is the culture/team like in the shop?
      • What are the metrics I will be accountable for?
      • What are the warehouse goals for the year?
    • Bringing your resumé with you.
    • Being prepared to answer behavior-based interview questions, such as:
      • Can you provide a specific example of a time you had to learn a new skill for a job? What approach did you take to be successful?
      • Can you tell me about a time when you went above and beyond what was expected of you?
      • What key metrics have you been responsible for in your current role or in a previous one? How did your results compare to the initial goal?

Step 4: Begin a dynamic warehouse career at Schneider.

  • If you are found successful after the interview, a verbal and written offer will be extended.
  • A drug test and background check will be completed.

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