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Nearly 1,000 women have said yes to a truck driving career with Schneider, and we’re dedicated to growing that number every day. Be part of the women in trucking revolution with a company that’s proud to be a leader in it.

Darleen - Women in Trucking

A track record of empowering women

“Schneider has been a leader in working toward a more diverse workforce, which includes attracting and retaining women as professional drivers. As a charter member of Women In Trucking, their support for our mission has been significant and we look forward to an even greater partnership to increase the ranks of women in all roles within the industry.” – Ellen Voie, president and CEO of Women In Trucking Association

Take charge of your next adventure

Your time is now. Let’s challenge and change what’s traditionally been a male-dominated profession. Schneider and the transportation industry need empowered women like you to make a difference and craft a brighter future. What are you waiting for?

Proud to be women in trucking

If they can do it, so can you!

Seven female Schneider drivers share why other women should consider truck driving and what they love most about their jobs.

Why women drivers choose Schneider

  • Women in Trucking - Schneider offers financial independence

    Financial independence

    Take control of your life and your career. Schneider drivers can earn up to $88,000, more than double the $42,500 average wage for a commercial driver (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Women drivers at Schneider enjoy equal pay and earning opportunity as men. The stable earning power you want is here now.

  • Schneider Women in Trucking - Driving Opportunities

    More driving opportunities

    Whether you’re looking to team with a spouse or friend, or hit the open road as a solo driver, Schneider offers more ways to start a truck driving career and the industry’s leading variety of driving opportunities. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of a successfully delivered load, and there are more ways than ever to get that feeling.

  • Schneider Women in Trucking offers home time

    Superior home time

    75 percent of Schneider drivers get home weekly or more. If you need to get home daily or on a consistent schedule, we have those options. If the adventure of exploring the country is more your thing, we have that, too. Find your career home with Schneider, and get home the way you need to.

  • Women in Trucking - Schneider Safe Facilities

    Safe nationwide facilities

    When you are away from home enjoy your home away from home featuring free, safe and secure parking, and 24/7 driver amenities like showers, laundry, maintenance, cafeterias and exercise equipment. You’ll quickly feel like part of the big Schneider family.

  • Schneider Women In Trucking - Comfortable equipment

    Comfortable equipment

    Automated transmissions are easier to drive, seat ergonomics are designed to fit women’s contours, and new tractors feature comforts of home like refrigerators, memory foam mattresses and in-cab power through APUs and power inverters. We’re constantly innovating. Come help us push the envelope even farther!

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