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Driver Latanya Smith's selfless act earns Orange Heart Award

Schneider driver Latanya Smith poses after winning the Orange Heart Award.

Schneider recognizes associates each year in multiple Presidential Award categories, and driver Latanya Smith’s inspiring story of helping someone in need earned her an Orange Heart Award earlier this year.

Smith steps up as a ‘road angel’

Truck drivers who help people in need are often called “road angels,” and Latanya certainly fits the description. She went the extra mile to help an elderly woman who was lost at a truck stop.

Enjoy the story as recounted by the daughter of the woman Latanya helped in a thank you note sent to Schneider:

“My mom, who suffers from dementia, had driven herself from Northville, Michigan to Franklin, Ohio, over three hours from home. My mom had stopped for gas at a Pilot where Latanya had parked her truck. After several people including Latanya attempted to assist my mother with directions, Latanya recognized that my mom was still dangerously confused. With very little power left in her phone and no way to charge it, my mom was at a loss. 

“Latanya called me on her phone and began explaining the whereabouts of my mother. During the 3.5 hours it took my husband and me to reach my mom, Latanya stayed with her. They had dinner together and she was waiting in my mother’s car with her when we arrived. We couldn’t thank her enough for her kindness. She would not accept any monetary offers of gratitude; she only assured us that ‘mothers are precious,’ she is a ‘believer in families,’ and it was her pleasure to get my mom back to safety.

“I am certain you are proud to employ people such as Latanya, and I felt compelled to let you know how reassuring it was for our family that there are kind people like Latanya in this world who are looking out for others in need.”

More truck driver heroes getting well-deserved recognition

Like with Latanya’s story, truck drivers stepped into the spotlight during the COVID-19 pandemic and received much-deserved recognition as essential workers. Schneider responded with additional expressions of thanks for drivers, and we continually reward our drivers for the hard work they do.

Get the recognition you deserve

Schneider is hiring essential-worker truck drivers now, and you can get the pay, benefits, respect and recognition you deserve when you join the Schneider team. See all the truck driving opportunities near you and apply.

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