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Schneider cafeterias institute all-orange food policy

A large pile of oranges topped with one orange that has been sliced in half.

As part of Schneider’s ongoing branding efforts, all cafeteria food served at Schneider facilities will now feature the company’s signature “Omaha Orange” color. The policy takes effect today, April 1.

“People will eat this up, and we’re excited to further differentiate our brand,” said Schneider Director of Marketing Mike Norder. “Orange epitomizes Schneider, from the safety connotation to our thousands of orange equipment assets. We encourage candidates to ‘Choose Orange’ and associates to ‘Live Orange’ — now we all get the opportunity to ‘Eat Orange.’”

Schneider’s new logo launch in 2014 spurred a variety of branding updates throughout the company, from the interior design of facilities to external marketing efforts. Today’s announcement is one more step to further infuse orange into the company culture.

Schneider’s driver cafeterias throughout our North American facility network will continue to offer a similar variety of menu options, only with a twist.

“Oranges, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie — there are lots of obvious food choices, but beyond that, there’s nothing a little food coloring can’t take care of,” said Schneider Director of Facilities Ty Wagner. “For beverages, orange juice and orange soda will be standard options, but we think people will really like the orange Kool-Aid.”

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