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Schneider launches 'Schneider Compass,' new driver app and portal

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One of our goals at Schneider is to do everything we can to ensure that drivers have access to tools that make life on the road easier. Nowadays, that means electronic tools as well as the literal kind! So, on July 24, Schneider launched a new trucker app and company driver portal, called Schneider Compass.

Drivers had been telling us what kind of online information and trucker apps would make them more productive and feel more connected while out on the road. The result of that direct feedback is Schneider Compass, which is:

  • An intuitive trucker app and web portal that’s easy to navigate.
  • Available on any device – smartphones, tablets, computers; at home or on the road (but not while driving, of course).
  • The source of up-to-date information and fast-breaking news.
  • A one-stop-shop to view work assignments, scorecards, pay statements and general company information.
  • Access to all the great tools in our previous “Crossroads” web app, including Find My Trailer, Track My Relay and Rate Location.

Imagine being on the road and being able to quickly view a pre-assignment on your phone. How about checking settlement statement details from a tablet while lying in the cab bunk? Or reviewing pay statements or updating benefits from a laptop. Not many trucker apps combine all those features, but with Schneider Compass, all of that is possible, and more. There are instructional videos, news articles, ebooks and copies of all company policies and guidelines. It’s a central hub for drivers to get access to the information they need, when they need it, where they need it – regardless of device.

Schneider company drivers can access Schneider Compass via all company-issued devices and computers, as well as their personal computers, tablets and mobile devices. On all mobile devices, drivers can download the Schneider Compass trucker app from Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store.

While Schneider Compass launched in July, it doesn’t end there. Schneider Compass will continue to grow and evolve with new features and tools – most of which have been suggested by Schneider company drivers. We’ll continue to strive to keep the drivers’ experience top of mind as we enhance Schneider Compass.

Want to learn more about our technology?

As a Schneider driver, you’ll be equipped with technology that makes your life out on the road more convenient.
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