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A look inside Schneider’s Bilingual Driver Recruiting team

Schneider's Bilingual Driver Recruiting Team stands in a line in front of a Schneider-branded wall.

Schneider’s Driver Recruiting team has a special group that focuses on hiring drivers whose first language is Spanish. This group is Schneider’s Bilingual Driver Recruiting team.

The Bilingual Driver Recruiting team is located at Schneider’s Driver Screening Center in Green Bay, Wis. It is comprised of four Bilingual Recruiting Specialists and four Bilingual Driver Recruiters – one of which is myself.

What the Bilingual Driver Recruiting team does

Schneider has had a Bilingual Driver Recruiting team for much longer than when I started in August 2021. Yet, it wasn’t until October 2021 that we started seeing an increase of applications from Spanish speakers.

The Bilingual Driver Recruiting team works as a group to create a positive hiring experience for Spanish speaking candidates. Before the creation of the team, the traditional Driver Recruiting team handled applications from Spanish speaking candidates on a case-by-case basis.

Hiring process for Spanish speaking driver candidates

Today, the process is simple. Individuals whose first language is Spanish can start by reading more information about Schneider in Spanish. If they are interested in applying for a driving job, they fill out an application in English. Or, they can fill out Contact Form in Spanish. Both get sent to our Bilingual Recruiting Specialists.

Upon receiving an application, the Bilingual Recruiting Specialist goes through the same process they would with a non-Spanish speaking candidate. They start with helping the candidate find the perfect driving job at Schneider. Once the specialist and driver candidate decide on the right position, the specialist sends the driver candidate over to a Driver Recruiter. The Driver Recruiters then conducts an application review.

The application review consists of two parts:

1. A revision and verification of the details filled out in the application. The recruiter and candidate complete this portion in English.

2. A summarization of the position applied to and details on training. The recruiter and candidate go through this part in Spanish. 

Upon finishing the application review, the Bilingual Driver Recruiter stays in contact with the driver candidate until they attend orientation. At this point, they are officially hired by Schneider.

Why the Bilingual Driver Recruiting Team matters

Our Bilingual Driver Recruiting team allows Spanish-speaking candidates to complete the hiring process in a comfortable setting. If they need clarification, we can communicate with them in a way that they will understand.

Our team fulfills both the needs of the candidate as well as the needs of the company.

I’ve received a lot of feedback from drivers in my role. They have expressed gratitude that we gave them a chance to do the initial application review partially in Spanish. I take pride in working for a company that provides an opportunity for all people and  supports candidates of all backgrounds.

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Dante Jadin is a bilingual driver recruiter and has been with Schneider since 2020. He enjoys spending time with his fiancé and his family. In his free time, you can find Dante playing golf, volleyball and basketball, along with coaching boys basketball in the Green Bay area.

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