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4-million-mile Schneider driver Bob Wyatt receivers International Award

Bob Wyatt giving speech

Bob Wyatt is one of the most decorated and longest tenured drivers in Schneider history, with 13 awards in his 43 years with the company. He is the only driver to have received both the 4 Million Miles Safe Award and 40-year Consecutive Safe Years Driving Award, and was an inaugural inductee into Schneider’s Haul of Fame.

Now, to add to the list of accomplishments and awards, he has received the International Driver Excellence Award from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) for an exceptional career and commitment to public safety.

Wyatt accepted the award on September 19 at the CVSA Annual Conference and Exhibition. Below is his acceptance speech from the award ceremony.

“Thank you all for being here to help share this day with us. Just a few short thank you’s, if you don’t mind. I want to thank my company, Schneider, for nominating me. Our core value is safety and if you’re not safe, you don’t work for us. That’s what we believe in…what we train our drivers to do so they can come out here and be safe. I want to thank the Arkansas Highway Patrol and all law enforcement agencies, for that matter. Your work out here is so appreciated. To the CVSA folks who put this together…it’s a great thing. I’m very honored. I want to thank my wife for staying with me for 49 years and taking care of the home front, raising our three children, fixed things that needed fixing, mowed the grass and doing all that work. And also to all of you who stayed home to support your trucker out here – man or woman – without your support we couldn’t do what we do and we thank you for it and we salute you. People who do what you do have all the responsibility, and I think those folks are the backbone of the whole trucking industry. I really do. And finally, if you’ll allow me, I want to thank God. He’s ridden with me all these years, right over there. I want to thank you all. It’s a great honor. Good bye.”

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