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Celebrating Mother’s Day: A special day for a special driver

Jenn with her Schneider company truck.

As we’re all celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend, I want to put a big, old orange spotlight on a fabulous mom named Jenn, who also happens to be a fantastic driver associate here at Schneider. Jenn kindly agreed to let me share a touching story about the loves of her life: her two young sons and her love for the open road.

The need for something better

Over the years, finding a job that Jenn truly loved was tough. Nothing gave her a sense of fulfillment, and as a single mom, she wanted to give her boys more. When Jenn was ready to overhaul her career to ensure a better life for her sons, she discovered she could turn a favorite pastime into a full-time profession: driving.

A tough choice for a better future

Once Jenn earned her CDL, she was hired as an Over-the-Road driver at Schneider, a position that dramatically limited her home time. This was a major change for her family, but Jenn had a hunch it would lead to good things. With her parents’ support and generous offer to watch her boys while she was on the road, she started her career as a driver.

“We all knew what we were getting into when I started driving,” says Jenn. “Home time would be limited, so we prepared ourselves. I told my boys to give me a few years to get some experience and then I’d be home more often. It didn’t mean it was going to be easy, but there was an understanding.”

To help make the family’s new lifestyle a little easier, Jenn facilitated special one-on-one time with her sons when possible. Since the boys’ schooling takes place online, they could study their lessons anytime and anywhere. As long as all of their educational and extracurricular obligations were being met, they could join her when time allowed.

Making her way home

Jenn enjoyed life on the open road, but she longed to transition to being a Dedicated driver that would guarantee regular home time to be with her boys; however, an account close to home wouldn’t be available overnight. In fact, the store she would be servicing wasn’t even open yet. In the meantime, Jenn worked for the customer’s other locations in order to learn how the account would operate. This still kept her away from home for a bit longer, but the end was truly in sight.

“Earning this Dedicated position was the light at the end of the tunnel that I promised my boys,” says Jenn. “And I kept up my end of the bargain. It hasn’t always been easy, but I believe they understand my job provides them with the things they need to grow up. Plus, they know driving is something I love to do.”

A key asset for success was a family that supported her wholeheartedly. For three years Jenn and her family worked through the hard times in order to get to the good times. Now, there’s not a birthday, holiday or Cub Scout meeting that will be missed.

Driving into her next chapter

Jenn is determined to log at least 1 million safe miles. Driving that many safe miles is no small feat, and she’s bringing her A-game day in and day out in order to make that dream a reality.

Now, she can happily say she’s providing for her boys and living her passion — a passion that burns Omaha Orange — Schneider’s signature color — every day.

Thank you for letting us share your story, Jenn! Have a wonderful time celebrating Mother’s Day — and all you’ve accomplished as both a mom and a driver!

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