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By Kristy Sipiorski Dec 15, 2015
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One of the benefits of working for Schneider is the variety of resources available to us as associates to continue growing and developing our professional and personal skills. One of the great resources available to all Schneider associates is the Schneider Women’s Network.

The Network had its inaugural event in 2007. The event was designed to gain a better understanding of the topics and issues that women at Schneider were interested in and to gauge the interest in a women’s network. The event was a huge success and provided the validation that a women’s network at Schneider would be a beneficial asset to all associates, including men.

Events, networking and volunteering are some of the ways that we can get involved and broaden our experience and knowledge. I’ve been with Schneider for five years and have attended many of the Women’s Network events.

The subject of the events have varied greatly, touching on many important topics, including goal setting and attainment, finance management and retirement planning, leadership skills and development, career development, mentoring, networking and many more. In addition to these events, the Network also hosts book reviews, senior leadership panels and volunteering efforts to continue providing developmental resources to our associates.

If you can’t make an event, all of the relevant information covered, as well as video of the event, are posted on the Schneider Women’s Network website, which can be accessed by all Schneider associates. Event information is kept on the site to serve as a go-to resource that all associates can access.

I have personally referred back to the “Setting up Successful Mentoring Relationships” event information numerous times, both for myself and for my direct reports, to provide coaching on how to approach a mentorship to ensure that you are getting the most out of it. Here are a few recent events put on by the Network:

  • “Leadership, Culture and Long-Term Competitive Advantage: A Chris Lofgren (Schneider CEO) Perspective”
  • “The Power of You: Building a Personal Brand”
  • “Meaningful Recognition” on how to reward and recognize associates
  • “My Life Vision and Goals: Waking Up Your Energy and Zest by Living on Purpose”

I am now honored to be on one of the Schneider Women’s Network sub-committees. The most rewarding part to me is being a part of a team that is making a difference, not only in the Schneider Community, but also in the larger community through volunteering efforts.

What kind of events would you like to see the Schneider Women’s Network put together when you join the Schneider team?


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