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Why I enjoy working on Schneider's Customer Service Support shift

Why I Enjoy Working on Schneider's Customer Service Support Shift

I began my Schneider journey while going to school for my master’s degree. They offered me flexibility, stability, experience and opportunity. Looking back, I remember day one at Schneider.

My first takeaways were: the great people, the level of professionalism, the company core values and a high standard for excellence. It was a company and an environment unlike anything I’d ever been a part of before: they made me feel like an important part of the team right away, and I knew it was a great place to work from the start.

Finding my home on 2nd shift

I’ve been with Schneider almost five years — all on a Customer Service Support Shift, which is comprised of our second (afternoon/evening) and third (night) shift positions (including weekends). We lead a 24/7 industry because we have great people keeping us a 24/7 company.

Global Customer Service (CS) is where my journey began: as a part-time (second shift) Customer Service Representative (CSR) on several different accounts.

Upon finishing school and with effective performance I took on more hours and was offered full time in the same role.

After about a year and a half, through hard work and dedication: I interviewed for and was promoted to Team Coordinator (TC). This role was also on second shift and in Global CS, supporting many of our larger accounts.
I stayed in the TC role for almost two years, until I was promoted to my current role of Global Experience Owner for two of our largest accounts (second shift).

My career progression speaks to the vast opportunity here at Schneider. This company is all about its associates, supporting their career path and utilizing their skill sets where best suited. If you work hard and perform effectively you can see and do many things here.

Reasons I choose to stay at Schneider

There are many reasons why I have stayed and will continue my career at Schneider as part of the family/team here. The people are the biggest reason I stay. I value the people I work with, I appreciate our customer base and love that Schneider is a huge company with a small family feel (team-focused environment).

I’m all about building quality relationships, problem solving and collaborating to meet and exceed goals. Also, I hold a passion for coaching, mentoring and helping others learn and grow. I get all those things and more every day in my role.

Finally, I always dreamed of a company where my skill set and areas of expertise were fully utilized and I faced new challenges and goals regularly — a place where I could make a difference, drive results and be part of something special with a great team. I found that place at Schneider.

The people, the environment, the opportunity, the stability, the challenge, the core value and the standard of excellence make Schneider an outstanding place to work. I love working here at Schneider and look forward to continued growth.

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Matt is approaching five years with Schneider in May and has spent all his time on second/Support Shift in Global customer service. He obtained a bachelor’s degree from University of Wisconsin – Green Bay in communication and a master’s in Organizational Management. He started as a part-time Customer Service Representative (CSR), then became a Team Coordinator, and currently is the Global Experience Owner for two of Schneider’s largest customer accounts.

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