Dallas Shop Offers Unique Culture, Diesel Mechanic Jobs in Texas

By Seth Heiss Jul 5, 2018
Schneider Diesel Mechanic Jobs in Texas

Schneider has many shop locations located throughout the country, and each shop has a unique atmosphere and a wide array of diesel mechanic jobs. One maintenance shop we’d like to highlight today is Dallas, Texas, which has established a positive reputation and a great mix of long-tenured mechanics and new associates.

When considering a shop, many mechanics want to know the environment that they will be working in. Who better to talk to than the people who oversee the shop and mechanics that work in the shop?

Compassionate Leadership Sets the Tone

Dallas Shop Manager JR Rodriguez, who has been in his current role for seven years, described the shop as a cohesive team — everyone having respect for each other.

“The more experienced techs are willing to help and mentor the younger techs. All our shop associates carry positive values and genuinely care about Schneider and its success. The shop carries a productive atmosphere and a commitment to excellence in the work they do. All the associates in the shop are open and honest with communications and we share a great sense of humor with each other. Our leadership is compassionate, and we have respect and understanding for every situation that our associates encounter.”

To get a good understanding of what it’s like on the shop floor, we asked the floor leaders and lead mechanics what they liked most about their current positions:

  • Shop Floor Leader Mitch Ragsdale: I have been with Schneider for 9 years. I like the challenge of day-to-day operations and the opportunities that have been given to me.
  • Shop Lead Tech Martin Martinez (pictured): I have been with Schneider for 7 years. I have really enjoyed, and am very proud of, helping with the development of some of the newer guys. Making a difference when the workload gets heavy is also very satisfying.
  • Shop Floor Leader Clay Peyton: I have been with Schneider for 3.5 years, and have I really enjoyed the challenges and the accomplishments of the day-to-day shop operations.
  • Shop Floor Leader Alan Ruehs: I have been with Schneider for 3.5 years. I enjoy the opportunities for development and growth within maintenance.
  • Shop Lead Tech Kevin Whiteley: I have been with Schneider for 2 years, and in my position for 5 months. I really enjoy being hands-on and working one-on-one with the techs.
Schneider Lead Tech Martin Martinez

Techs Share What Sets Schneider Diesel Mechanic Jobs Apart

Another great way of understanding the shop atmosphere is talking to the diesel mechanics that work in the shop. Highlighted are a couple different technicians that are currently working in Dallas:

  • Josh Leek:
    • The working shifts the shop has (4 days off every other weekend)
    • The advancement (promotion) opportunities
  • Hugh Araujo:
    • The diversity of the equipment that he gets to work on
    • The benefits
  • Frankie Chanthammavong:
    • Loves we offer overtime
    • The opportunities for advancement in the field
  • Mitchell Chandler:
    • The pay!
    • Room for advancement
  • Terry Perry:
    • The compassion the leadership has for all associates
  • Jeff Bynum:
    • The camaraderie with the personnel in the shop
    • The cohesiveness that the shifts have with each other
Schneider Lead Tech Brad Johnson
Schneider Dallas Senior Trailer Jason Vann

A Glimpse to the Future — Dallas Shop Goals and Career Advancement

Dallas is a great environment to work in! The leaders and employees invest time and effort to make this happen, but they also keep the future in their sights. Here are their current focuses and future goals for the shop, as described by Shop Manager JR Rodriguez:

  • Continue to move the needle for the business. We measure success across a broad spectrum of objectives.
  • We always want our team working safely and injury free.
  • We want strong business results.
  • We want a positive work culture, and we want our driver customers to want to come through our shop for their repairs. All our daily actions go to meet these objectives.

Dallas and Schneider feel that all diesel mechanic jobs should feature every opportunity possible for career advancement. When talking about advancement opportunities within Schneider, Rodriguez (who wrote his career path story previously) said:

“Every associate in our shop gets an Individual Development Plan (IDP) that helps match their skills and aptitude with the roles that interest them. With the IDPs, the Dallas shop offers our techs training throughout the year with the latest technology from the best trainers in Schneider. It's about investing in every person, from the tech, to their families, and the Schneider name. That's the attitude and culture we try to instill in all our shop associates. At the end of the day, we know our technicians are our driving force. In Dallas our tech advancement opportunities are limitless.”

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