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Schneider improving driver experience through tablet deployment

Schneider Driver Experience Tablet Deployment

Editor’s note: This is the fourth in a five-part series on a company-wide Schneider Driver Experience initiative. Read part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Schneider is proud to announce the upcoming deployment of Samsung Galaxy Tab E 11-inch (9-inch display) tablets to most Schneider drivers.

Schneider has used an in-cab mobile communications platform for years, featuring truck route navigation, touch screen, pull-out keypad and ELD Mandate-compliant Hours of Service (HOS) tracking. We’ve been testing tablets with drivers in our four western states for the last year, and we’re now ready to take another big step forward with nearly fleet-wide tablet deployment.

The tablet deployment process

  • Schneider’s largest division (Van Truckload) began rollout on Sept. 16 and will take place by location.
  • Our Intermodal division rollout has already begun and will take place as determined by each location.
  • Dedicated division rollout will be evaluated and conducted based on account-specific considerations.
  • Rollout will come later for Tanker drivers (different Workflow process).
  • First-to-Final-Mile drivers (LTL, Straight Truck) will continue to use PeopleNet.

Ultimately, we expect all drivers receiving tablets in this rollout to get their free tablets by the end of March 2019.

Drivers will receive a tablet kit from a shop location. The kit includes:

  • The tablet with a screen protector.
  • An InstelliSkin case.
  • A clip to securely mount it in the truck.
  • An extended cable for charging.
  • A hanging pouch to put the tablet in.
  • An AC outlet power adapter.

A closer look at the tablet

A driver accesses the features of their handheld Schneider tablet.

Based on driver feedback in the West, future Samsung tablets will not be tethered to the truck (drivers can take it out of the truck). The tablets and data usage will be free to the driver, but the tablet will be limited to work functions (Workflow processes, navigation, Compass, Transflo documents, Pilot fuel solutions, BNSF rail app, etc.) using apps determined by Schneider.

We will continue to use the existing mobile communications platform (MCP) device as an Automatic On-Board Recording Device (AOBRD) for tracking Hours of Service (HOS) according to the ELD Mandate. This will be a dual-device solution with the tablet serving workflow functions and MCP serving HOS functions. However, we will transition to using only the new tablet in 2019.

The tablet will lock out functionality besides navigation when the truck is moving, ensuring that we continue to operate one of the safest fleets in the country.

What’s next for the tablets?

Just as we do with our Schneider Compass mobile app, we will continue to explore additional functionality with the tablets on an ongoing basis. This could include adding apps as recommended by drivers, full ELD functionality, enhanced Workflow integration features and more.

This new device will help Schneider enter another new era of technological advancement within the industry.

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