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Technology upgrades accelerated by driver experience initiative

Schneider Driver Experience Initiative Tecnology Update
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September 18, 2018

Editor’s note: This is the third in a five-part series on a company-wide Driver Experience initiative. Read part 1 and part 2.

Schneider has a long history of technological trend setting, and that’s only amplified over the past year, as driver feedback through our long-term Driver Experience initiative continues to drive us forward.

4 recent technology upgrades benefiting drivers

1. New tractor equipment specifications – We’ve been converting to automated transmissions and including power inverters on trucks for years, but we’ve kicked it up a notch with our 2018 truck spec. Many new trucks include Auxiliary Power Units (APUs), built-in satellite radio with subscription (for teams), refrigerators, new memory foam mattresses and more.

Schneider Driver Experience Initiative Tecnology Update

2. Skybitz trailer tracking – Looking for an empty trailer or container is a common source of frustration for drivers. This year, we’ve installed Skybitz sensors on 30,000 trailing units, which, combined with process improvements, have yielded a 23 percent reduction in trailer searches per day already (and we are not yet complete with installing on all equipment). The sensors provide the trailer’s exact GPS location (with every movement) and whether it’s loaded or empty, with an accuracy of 99.5 percent.

Schneider Skybitz Trailer Tracking

3. Schneider Compass mobile app features – Our previous post highlighted the “Rate My Location” feature as a game changer, but recent improvements go way beyond that, including the ability to:

  • Update Next Available Time (NAT).
  • Find tire banks.
  • Request emergency maintenance.
  • Request a reference number.
  • Find drop lots and parking locations.
  • Report something suspicious (“see something, say something”).
  • And more!

4. Deploying new tablets to drivers – We’ll describe this more in the fourth part of this series, but the tablet will offer a much better in-cab (and out-of-cab) experience than just the existing mobile communications platform in the truck.

Other technology in the trucks

The above is what we’ve implemented just this year, but here are a few more of our advanced technology features that benefit drivers:

  • Forward-facing cameras (only forward-facing, and no audio) – provide fact-based evidence to help drivers facing claims.
  • Collision mitigation technology (pictured) – leading to a 68 percent decrease in rear-end collisions and earning us the prestigious National Safety Council Green Cross for Safety Excellence Award for the effort.
  • Electronic Stability Control systemtwo new sensors compared to older Roll Stability Control system, to help drivers in skid or jackknife situations.
  • 20 fuel-efficient investments – we’re an industry leader in maximizing MPG and focusing on sustainability.
Schneider Driver Collision Mitigation

Want to learn even more about Schneider's technology upgrades?

I invite you to learn about all of Schneider's trendsetting tech and equipment that improve the driver experience.

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Schneider Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Mark Rourke has been with Schneider since 1987. He has held a variety of leadership roles during his tenure, including vice president of customer service, director of driver training, general manager of Schneider Transportation Management and president of Truckload Services. In his current role, he is accountable for the day-to-day operations at Schneider. Rourke received his bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Akron.

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