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Schneider offers driver leaders specifically for your first 3 months

A Schneider leader and driver sit together and review documents at a table

Getting into a truck by yourself for the first time can be daunting. Whether you’re new to the industry or just new to the company, there are many things to remember. You completed orientation and they showed you how to use the electronic log, navigation and workflow and gave you a book about an inch thick.

You do your first pre-trip inspection on your truck and suddenly your mind goes blank.

  • What do you do?
  • You talked to your driver leader (called a Driver Business Leader, or DBL, at Schneider) when you completed training — do you call him/her?
  • Do you try to figure it out on your own and hope for the best?

My name is Jerry, and I’m a driver leader for drivers in that very position. I work with drivers in their first three months with Schneider every day. I’m here to help them when those questions come up.

I’ve been in that position myself as a new driver:

  • 9 years as a driver.
  • 7 years as a Training Engineer (TE).
  • 4 years as a classroom instructor at our training center in Green Bay.

I taught the same orientation classes the new drivers today are completing. I want to help drivers get acclimated with the equipment and technology, and the job in general.

I’ve seen many drivers succeed since I started with Schneider 17 years ago. I want to see you succeed.

We have driver leaders specifically for your first three months at our facility locations across the country and we all have the same goal: your success.

Without successful drivers, we cannot be a successful company.

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Jerry joined Schneider in 1999 and has held a wide variety of positions with the company. He drove for nine years, including seven years as a training engineer, and spent another four years as a classroom instructor. He has also been in a variety of non-driving positions, including his current role since 2015 as a Driver Business Leader (DBL) for drivers in their first 0-90 days.

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