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Driver Recruiting assistant jobs offer big impact, career growth

Jolene poses with the Schneider logo on the wall of a company facility.

After spending 16 years in retail management, I decided to make a career change. I thought Schneider would be a great fit because the core values aligned with my previous employer and my values. I was seeking a company where I could move up the corporate ladder and retire.

I accepted the Driver Recruiting Assistant job within Driver Recruiting knowing I had the opportunity to learn other roles and advance my career. Because I was new to the industry and company, I knew it was important to volunteer for every additional task to learn as much as I could about transportation. I trained multiple new associates, took personal and professional development courses and sat in with multiple departments to learn how each role was connected.

Driver Recruiting Assistants Make a Difference

One of the reasons I enjoyed the Recruiting Assistant role is because the work is vital to the success of Schneider. I would leave the day with a sense of accomplishment and pride knowing I had an impact on the prosperity of the organization.

Schneider Driver Recruiting associates connect with prospective drivers over the phone.

I think the Driver Screening Center is the voice for Schneider in a sense because this is where the process starts to qualify a driver, and without drivers, the trucks don’t move. And if the trucks don’t move, consumers can’t buy the products they need. Ultimately, the work we do has a big impact on keeping the economy moving.

Selling Schneider and what Schneider offers its drivers is a big part of the role and an important first step to attract and retain driver candidates. The job involves interacting with drivers on the phone, or via live chat or text message.
Because of the number of drivers Schneider hires to keep its 10,000-plus trucks running, the job is never boring, and the days fly by!

Great Career Advancement Available — I’m Proof

I really valued the position, but after two years I wanted an additional challenge. I saw an Outbound Recruiter role posted and found the role was full-cycle recruiting, which meant I could still do the job I enjoyed, while adding other aspects of the recruiting process.

I was promoted to Senior Outbound Recruiter and primarily worked with rehire candidates. I felt a larger sense of attainment and I developed a passion to bring back drivers that recently left Schneider. I loved the work and different environment that came along with the role, but when the role for Driver Screening Center Manager was posted, I knew that was where I belonged. I applied and was offered the role, which I gladly accepted.

If you are searching for a company where you can move up the corporate ladder and retire, just as I was, Schneider is the place for you. We’re proud of our hire-to-retire philosophy.

How to apply to be a Schneider Driver Recruiting Assistant

We are currently looking for energetic and motivated individuals to fill our open Driver Recruiting Assistant positions. This position would be a great start to your Schneider career by providing the opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment, interact with our driver candidates and be a part of a department with leading technology. Search open positions today, and apply!

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Jolene Sackett is currently one of the Driver Screening Center managers leading a team of 40 recruiting assistants. She joined the Schneider team in 2015 as a recruiting assistant and progressed through several roles in Driver Recruiting. She graduated from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) with an associate’s degree in marketing and the University of Phoenix with a bachelor’s degree in business management. She previously worked in retail management for 16 years. In her free time, she likes to read and spend time with family while boating and camping.

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