All-Star Follow-up, Pt. 3: Life as an All-Star

By Lucas Karcher Nov 23, 2015
All-Star Billboard

This is the third in a three-part series by Schneider All-Star Lucas Karcher. Since publishing his All-Star profile about two years ago, Lucas has been a shining example of continued career progress. In part one  of this series, he walked us through his incredible journey. In part two , he shared what he wished he knew as a new driver. In part three, he’ll describe life as a Schneider All-Star, including a story about the difference he made in someone’s life.

I could not have imagined the different opportunities I would have as a result of becoming a Schneider Tanker driver in 2012. One of the biggest is the chance to be featured as a Schneider All-Star. The All-Star program is a series of profiles that highlight Schneider company drivers. Those stories are shared across Schneider’s social media platforms and featured across recruiting efforts. Participating in the program has been incredible. I never thought my story would reach as many people as it has. What I really didn’t expect was to become sort of a celebrity.

What It’s Like to Be Recognized

Throughout the past 18 months, I received numerous messages from drivers who read my story or saw my picture on a poster. I would receive messages from drivers saying, “Hey man, check this out. You’re in this truck stop!” While I was driving from Green Bay, Wis. to Gary, Ind., I saw myself on a Schneider billboard north of Milwaukee. I even met a girl while I was up in Green Bay who said, “You’re the billboard guy.” She didn’t think it was a real driver up there.

When they told me they would use my picture in recruiting collateral, I definitely wasn’t expecting to see myself on a billboard – or in a newspaper. I was recently featured in an article of a Pittsburgh-area newspaper.

Helping Drivers See Their Potential

That said, the many conversations I have had with new drivers who read my story before coming to work for Schneider have been the most rewarding outcomes of participating in the All-Star program. One of the drivers I trained in Houston told me my story was one of the reasons why he chose to come work with Schneider instead of another carrier. He said I made it sound like a good company to work for.

It is critical for people considering a driving career with Schneider to hear firsthand experiences from real drivers. It has been an honor to share my stories and experiences with these people.

Now as a Bulk Driver Safety Leader, I get to tell drivers everyday how crucial their role is to the company and in keeping the country moving.

Thinking about becoming a new driver or making the switch to Schneider but not sure where to start? Check out the various career paths Schneider offers.

Have you ever seen one of our Schneider All-Stars while out on the road?

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Lucas Karcher lives in western Texas. He has been driving for three years with Schneider. He started driving Tanker Over-the-Road, became a training engineer in 2013 and recently moved up within the company as a bulk driver safety leader. A featured All-Star and former English teacher, Lucas is always learning.

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