Truck Driver CDL Refresher Course: Get Back Into Trucking

By The Schneider Guy Apr 6, 2017
Truck Driving CDL Refresher Course

You used to drive a truck. You want to drive a truck again …

… but you’re feeling a little rusty after some time away from a tractor-trailer. Or perhaps a prospective trucking company is feeling hesitant to hire you with your extended time away.

So, how do you return behind the wheel with your Class A CDL?

It’s easy: Get back into trucking with a truck driver CDL refresher course.

With Schneider, if you’ve been out of trucking for an extended period of time, you may want to consider a refresher course to brush up on your skills and safety performance as a professional driver.

2 easy ways to restart your driving career through a CDL refresher course:

1. Schneider’s Paid CDL Refresher Program

Schneider’s Paid CDL Refresher Program will pay your tuition for a three-day refresher course, flights to and from a truck driving school and lodging during your stay — all in exchange for a 90-day work commitment with Schneider.

Schneider has partnered with schools throughout the U.S. to provide this opportunity in which drivers will get to refresh their skills on backing, pre-trip and airbrake inspections, logging and time on the road.

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2. A CDL refresher course through a truck driving school of choice (if available)

Schneider’s recently increased driving school tuition reimbursement will reimburse your tuition expenses if you choose to attend a refresher course at the truck driving school you initially graduated from or if you’d like to find a truck driving school near you that offers a refresher course.

We encourage you to apply to Schneider as soon as you’re enrolled since a refresher course is much shorter than a full driving school curriculum.

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You’re making a great move getting back into trucking. Truck driving continues to change for the better, through higher pay, better equipment, cutting-edge technology and improved driver comfort.

Do you have any questions about getting back into trucking or attending a truck driver CDL refresher course?


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