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Schneider college career fair booth features easier way to apply

Schneider recruiters stand ready to greet students at their booth at a college career fair.

Are you attending a college or university career fair this spring? It can be intimidating to approach the booth of a large company you may want to work for, but it doesn’t have to be, at least in the case of Schneider.

If you see Schneider there, you might see some new technology! We are excited to offer an easier way for students to begin the application process through

The Schneider General Profile will help capture your basic contact and college information, allowing you to build a profile.

It’s super easy! Visit Schneider at an upcoming college or university career fair and step in line behind the iPads at the Schneider booths. Fill out the below profile and you will receive an email the next day with your login information for Happy applying!

General profile screenshot

Looking for an internship or job post-grad?

Schneider has job openings that fit with your major and experience. Check out what we have available for internships and jobs and apply today.

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Sarah is a graduate of St. Norbert College and has been working for Schneider since June 2008 upon her college graduation. She has held several different roles in the company within Schneider Transportation Management (STM) and most recently over the last few years as Schneider’s Corporate College Recruiter.

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