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Get your truck driving questions answered in Schneider’s April Facebook chat

Todd Jadin

Schneider has now held three successful Facebook chats with truck drivers in 2016, allowing us to answer pressing questions directly from prospective and current truck drivers. I’m looking forward to hosting our fourth chat of the year on Wednesday, April 20, 5:30-7:30 p.m. (CDT). I encourage you to RSVP now to make sure you don’t miss it.

The goal of the chat will be to capture driver themes and make sure we’re addressing issues impacting the entire driver force. We understand we’re not perfect in everything we do, so we need to work together to make Schneider and the industry better.

If you have questions but can’t make it to the chat, leave your question in advance and check back for the answer afterwards.

Bad order trailers were a hot topic in March

Several recurring themes have surfaced during previous Facebook chats, including bad order trailers. Some drivers have wondered how we can hold drivers accountable who are dropping bad order trailers and holding subsequent drivers accountable for their actions; and if there could be any consequences added.

It was a great conversation during our March Facebook chat, with several chat regulars offering their perspective. With bad order trailers, it ultimately boils down to this: We’re all in this together. If drivers witness something happening that isn’t consistent with our expectations, we encourage them to appropriately confront it when happening or inform their Operations contact.

Here were some other topics discussed in March:

  • Dash cams – we’re only using forward-facing cameras (outward facing) mounted on the windshield; they do not record video or audio inside of the cab
  • Potential new tractor specs/amenities
  • Miles Per Gallon (MPG) metrics and driver scorecards
  • Criteria for pay raises
  • Schneider facility parking availability

All 2016 Schneider driver Facebook chats:

Again, don’t forget to RSVP for our upcoming April chat.

Missed the live chats? Don’t worry about it!

You can find all of the information you’re looking for on the Truck Driver page of our website.
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Todd Jadin is Vice President of Associate Relations and Talent Management for Schneider and has been an integral member of the Big Orange for over 25 years. When not creating the associate experience, you can find Todd spending time with his family and actively assisting with youth basketball in the Green Bay area.

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